Degrassi Vine 103: Inside The Degrassi Writers Room

What exactly do the Degrassi writers do in that secret room of theirs? This footage (captured with a hidden camera) reveals them enjoying some of Degrassi’s most serious scenes.

Degrassi Extra 1304: My Own Worst Enemy

What we learned in this episode….

*Jenna bumped her head and forgot she’s seen Alli blushing over a guy a gazillion times before this episode
*Never….ever…EVER search for anything on WebMD…it will convince you that you’re dying
*It’s easy to sneak out of a hospital
*I’m convinced most of the kids in Paris have no idea how to actually speak French
*When you’re sick, it’s okay to cough in someone else’s face
*When traveling on a school trip to a different country, you’ll be free to roam the city and go on a date with a random stranger without adult supervision

Posted by Kary


  1. Degrassiobsessed July 28, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Kary you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. Kary, I love the “What we learned in this episode….” list!! Makes me laugh every time!



  3. Love the commercial in the recap ep,, nice job!!



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