The other day we received a 30-second trailer, and now we have a 60-second version as Season 3 makes its worldwide debut tomorrow. This new trailer blatantly reveals the fate of everyone in the bus crash, so if you’ve been trying to avoid that spoiler don’t watch this!

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

I also do a little bit of commentary talking about what’s going on in the trailer (WARNING: I do talk about other major spoilers besides the bus crash in this video).

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Also new is an interview Showrunner Sarah Glinski did with TV, Eh?,talking about season 3. An interesting thing she reveals in the interview is how the show will tackle gender:

Another thing we look at is gender. We’ve gone into it a little bit before, but we look at gender fluidity and what’s a girl or a boy and when you don’t feel like what society defines them as. We look at that from a couple of different perspectives. What if you don’t want to wear a dress and makeup? What does that mean to you as a girl? Also, one of our characters is a lesbian and more feminine. What does that mean? Is it harder to come out when you wear lipstick, have long hair and wear dresses?

We’ve already seen some of the difficulties Zoë will face being gay and the assumptions people make about gay women, but in a series of videos where Degrassi actors draw hints about season 3, the drawing for Vijay’s character hints that the show could tackle gender fluidity through him.

Dante & Amanda Draw Season 3:

There’s also three more of these videos containing hints about the new season:

Amir & Soma Draw Season 3:

Jamie & Spencer Draw Season 3:

Ana & Dalia Draw Season 3:

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  1. Best degrassi season ever!!!! I binged all day watching it. Hasn’t been this good since jimmys shooting!!!!



    1. I completely agree, Season 4 was my favorite of Degrassi: The Next Generation and Season 10 was my favorite of Degrassi, but Season 3 of Degrassi: Next Class was definitely amazing and is honestly giving both of those past seasons a run for their money.



      1. I agree 100% the last few seasons have been really juvenile but this wasn’t at all. The whole maya deal was completely insane but was so good actually it all was great and I got chills most of the whole season.


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