[WARNING: This post contains major spoilers.]

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

At long last, the trailer for Degrassi: Next Class Season 3 has been released! EW released the trailer as well as officially introduced the new characters, Rasha and Saad.

In the video above, I break down some of the stuff that appeared in the quick trailer. Here’s a lot at of screencaps:

The trailer once again confirms some of the major stories happening in Season 3.

The Bus Crash


The big controversy during the hiatus has been what will happen to the characters who were on the bus when it crashed? While we’ll see how the crash affects Maya, Tristan, Jonah, Grace, Tiny and Zig in various ways, Tristan is the character who will be in the hospital. Not only will we see him in critical condition, but we’ll also see this affect the people closest to him, especially Miles.

The abortion


Linda Schuyler dropped in an interview released a couple of months ago that for the first time since season 3 of The Next Generation, the show was going to do an abortion storyline. With this show, once enough pieces fall into place it’s easy to figure out a scenario like this. We have a situation where Lola and Miles become involved in some way (presumably both are very emotional and vulnerable), and it leads to Lola getting pregnant and ultimately having an abortion.

I’m excited to see how these two major stories play out, but there’s some other stories that I’m also really looking forward to:

Maya’s Depression. This fanbase is weird, man. On one hand we’ll complain about the show dropping plots after 2 episodes, then literally turn around and complain when they feature a character “too much.” Degrassi’s created two brilliant long-term storylines over the past 3 years: Miles’ abuse and Maya’s trauma over the death of Cam. Degrassi: Next Class is presented in a way where this series is somewhat of a continuation, but also functions as a standalone (so new viewers won’t be required to watch previous seasons to understand what’s going on). But I feel like this is a case where tying in the death of Cam and the two seasons we saw Maya suffering because of it is a necessity.

Zoë and Rasha. Degrassi set this story up in Next Class season 1, and now we’re going to see how Zoë once again faces adversity as her mom will certainly disapprove of her sexuality.

Frankie and Jonah. These two will experience relationship turmoil, but what I’m most interested in is why Jonah starts acting so weird.

The gamer squad. This season they move onto vlogging, and I’m excited to see how they incorporate that into episodes. Degrassi is adamant about adding technology and digital elements into the show, and this is just another way for them to do that. It’s also interesting because since Vijay is a vlogger, the actor who plays him is taking up vlogging in real life.

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