E! Online has posted the first clip from Season 3…you can watch it here:


To quickly sum up the sneak peek:

Zoë (acting school president) and Goldi (VP) are in a hurry when Zoë’s phone blows up with notifications. Vijay has posted a vlog blasting Zoë for being a “self-hating gay.” Zoë freaks out because the video will probably go viral and Zoë’s mom might see it. At this point in the season, Zoë’s mom is unaware that her daughter is gay. In the panic, Zoë accidentally runs into a fire hydrant.

Just some quick thoughts on this scene:

**Just like we see on Twitter every damn day, we watch how quickly someone’s life can be publicly blasted for the entire world to see. We’ll have to see this entire story in context, but it’s scary thinking that once again Vijay can push out a video to his large fanbase slamming someone, potentially inciting dangerous internet outrage against them.

**”You don’t look gay,” Goldi says to Zoë, as if gay women can’t “look and behave” like a conventional straight woman. Just like with the racist gorilla in Season 2, we’re seeing that just because Golid is a woke feminist, that doesn’t mean she’s “woke” when it comes to everything. Her clueless statement also isn’t a pass to completely demonize her character either. I think of it along the lines of how she simply needs to be checked in the same way Tiny and Zig were by Grace when they were clueless about rape.

I feel like there’s going to be A LOT to talk about during this season beyond the basic plot points, and this scene where Goldi makes a comment in passing about Zoë’s sexuality is a good example of that. It’s even more important now that viewers of Degrassi: Next Class think outside of their black-and-white boxes because this show is becoming more nuanced with each passing season.

Posted by Kary


  1. Honestly Goldi’s line felt like ‘that thing you’d stupidly say when you have NO IDEA what you should say.’ She assumed something, was told ‘no you’re wrong’ and responded with the first awkward and terrible thought to come into her head. It happens.

    I’m more curious as to how we ended up at this point, cause while Vijay is a glory seeking jerk of the highest order of jerks even this feels like a bit much.



    1. Yeah, you’d think that given the fandom’s dislike of Tristan, that the writers would be making an effort to have their other flamboyant gay male not come off as petty and bitchy as the former.



  2. It’s true that Goldi was wrong to say Zoë didn’t “look gay,” however those identified as lesbians on Degrassi were always more of the “lipstick lesbian” variety. Why don’t we see a butch one?



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