There really isn’t much to say after watching this episode of DTV.  Nearly everything I could’ve said was mentioned in the video by the Degrassi characters and Degrassi fans.  I’ll reiterate that it’s really, really hard to ignore the nonsensical white noise that comes from the world…everyone will tell you to “be yourself” and then beat you down for doing exactly that, and they’re loud about it. But if you can tune out that crap and accept and love yourself, you’re golden.

I’m a straight guy with asexual tendencies sprinkled in, even though I know people have assumed I’m gay because I do things like watch “girly” shows, and you’re not going to see me dating a different girl every week (TRUE STORY: My roommate is gay, and even *HE* thought I was gay).

I never really knew anything about the LGBTQ community growing up as a kid.  I think I knew of maybe one lesbian couple at my high school and that was it, and there was no discussion about it with my parents.  In college, I met a few people who were gay or lesbian.  It wasn’t until I jumped into the Degrassi online community (especially in the last 5 years or so) that I experienced a BROAD spectrum in terms of sexual identity from bi, pan, to even asexual.  My logic toward people who are different has always been the same: I’m black, and if my race has experienced hatred and discrimination based on something as silly as the color of our skin, why in the world would I project such hatred on other groups?

And while it’s important to strong, confident and love yourself, it’s really cool when you’re able to find a group that doesn’t bat an eye at anyone’s sexuality.  For me it’s the Degrassi fandom (which can also serve as a support group), but I also play tons of rec softball.  People in general may make the stereotypical jokes about softball and sexuality, but when you’re out there no one cares about race/age/gender/sexuality because we’re all out there with the same goal: to have fun doing an activity we love.

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  1. There’s a great deal of… sameness, that social push to be part of the group. That to be yourself is only okay if it is the same as everyone else. This is why I was really upset with how Degrassi handled the idea of non-monogamous relationships (and in the past disliked how… toned down Ellie and Jane were by the end of their runs).

    One of the reasons I enjoy Imogen so much in the series is that, thus far, there has been zero signs of making her ‘normal.’ Her style and nature shift freely depending on who she’s interacting with, but she’s never fallen into a generic everygirl like Ellie was by the Goes Hollywood.

    Because there are the people that just aren’t what society calls normal, and it should be shown as okay. For girls that want to play ‘boys sports’, gay men with no interest in art or music, people that wanna be dark and punky, and even straight guys who watch girly things. Yeah, people have mistaken me for gay for much the same logic you had to deal with, because there isn’t really room in a ‘make fun of male nurses’ world for people to realize guys can like girly things without being gay.

    Not yet anyway.



    1. I love gay people. I dont see what the big deal is. They remind me of Mitch & Can from Modern Family but Tristain acts like Can most of all. I’d say Imogen is Can & Jack is Mitch. People thought I was gay sometimes.

      That might explain why girls smacked my ass in high school. Doesn’t matter what the sex is as long as you like doing it. I like pink, glitter & R&B music. Who says guys can’t like glitter. We need a gay presie one day, a black one too!



  2. Good words. I dont care about sexuality. I know I’m straight & I hate sex. Yet 99% of the time I hung out with women. I was raised around women. I know more about fashion than most women. I never paid any attention to girls until college. My

    Eyes would be saying “Gah Damn!” Yet I hardly ever said anything in person. The only reason I watch this show now is hot girls & drama. I use science to study their bodies. I organize my favorite actresses by cup size. Science plays a big

    Part in life. Like Doves “What A Girl” song. Cute yet inaccurate. Its impossible to be perfect. It is about sizes. No one wants the least of anything. Geeks dont care if we get a girl.

    Degrassi kinda ruined any hope of showing that sexjality doesn’t matter thanks to Zoe. Her reason is stupid. Saying “I dont want people think of girls as objects” then saying “we’re either supposed to be good girls or trolls” then taking pics

    Is like hell Idk. No thinking:( people fight for women not to be objects. Its like she thought her way of fighting back is giving people what they want. A jail cell can give her time to think.

    I hate sex. Can’t a guy go to the club or a party without a woman wanting a taste? This girl was on me like Maya was on Adam. I had to say “I’m gay” to get her out. & why is Becky interviewing everyone? She has a future career as a reporter.

    Granted someone doesn’t pull a Kanye. & why does Back dress like my Grandma?



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