While the return date for Degrassi 14B hasn’t been officially announced (as of now it’s July 20th), TeenNick has begun its summer promo campaign.  This all feels so weird because the network has become so mundane with its repetitive programming there’s almost no reason to watch it, except for when Degrassi or Friday Night Lights is on.  I’m glad to see they’re trying to inject some life into this network by adding something, ANYTHING, to the rotation this summer, and it looks like they’ll have something different programmed every weeknight at 9pm.  They’re also trying to interact with viewers by having them submit selfies that will be shown on TV, a network-centric version of their #WeAreDegrassi campaign from 2013.

The above promo features several clips from 14B, including prom, graduation and Frankie’s birthday party.  We still have several weeks until an official announcement will be made about 14B:

Posted by Kary


  1. I didn’t watch it but I saw some pics.

    1. WTF is wrong with Winston kissing Lola? Like WTH man? That’s so wrong! Are the characters thinking “let’s do the absolute worst thing possible & do it”. When Frankie finds out… Shit bout to go down! How dare he do that. I wonder how

    Long he had feelings. & I hope the beef with Lola dont interfere with the finale. Cus with Zoe hopefully gone before prom they need a captain. He lost her for LIFE!

    2. Cool prom outfits. Can’t wait to see who Becky goes with. I really do hope Zoe gets expelled/ turns herself in. She doesn’t deserve prom. But it all depends on the 4th episode.

    3. I hope her bday goes well. Granted the Lola kiss comes after. She deserves some good times. Why the girl that went through shit has to get worse. Its like the wheelchair guy gets shot then pushed off his chair. Hopefully in the finale she can

    Rest. No men no Zoe. I hope she doesn’t snap (but I wouldn’t mind seeing it).

    4. I know Zig makes it to the next grade. But if Zoe made it through (if her plan worked) she wouldn’t be happy. She put all that work in for nothing. Its like you did your best to get

    Away then you find out that what you wanted isn’t what you want now. So if she stayed she would get a nervous break down. The guilt would eat her up.

    5. I hope Maya is OK. I think Dog is just over protective of her like a dog. He has the right intentions. & man Backy looks happy to graduate.



    1. Lola & Winston.. I hope its not cheating but its for the musical Winston is going. or at least Frankie & Winston broke up.



      1. Musical? I know peoe practice but you dont do kissing outside of the stage. Kisses change people. If she knows about the kiss or breaks up then I’m sure they won’t be friends. He could of at least found someone smart. Lola is dumb as rocks.

        I hope Zoe dont ruin the musical. I think Maya & Zig might be in it. I hope everything that goes on doesn’t interfere with the DN conclusion. Its the only reason I’m here.


  2. Why are fans thinking that they will do a Fast Forward with Eli & Clare and the baby in their last EP ‘Finally prt 2’ I feel that they will have Eclare & baby leave and thats thats. If I remember correctly all the actors/seniors last day of filming was Aug 1st. And the last 4 eps were filmed late Sept & Oct with the Jrs & 10’s and thats it. So tthere is no way there will be a Eclare special. If they do they may do webisode or 2 but I still think thats over doing it. Aislinn. Luke, Sarah, Jessica, Cris, Mindy, Demo and AJ said all their goodbyes on Aug 1.

    What angers me a bit why are they showing so much prom, I thought they would wait on that and now fans are pist and some are elated because of Eclare, bhandallas and Jonnor.. What if none are endgame you guys will be pissed with all the bogus hype like they did in S12 when Fimogen broke up.. I never trust happy promos.



    1. IDGAS about Eclare anymore. So if they left on the date you said then if I’m correct then when did the rest of the people get done? If Zoe gets the conclusion where she gets expelled/turns herself in… I guess she would be done filming

      The same time as everyone else (or a little earlier depending on what happens in the finale. ).I didn’t watch the promo but I saw pics. I can’t wait to bsee who goes to prom. As long as Zoe dont go I’m good. Jenna looked nice.

      She looked like she was at the Grammies. & Becky looks the happiest to graduate. I was the same way.glad to get out that hell hole.



  3. I wish we could have seen Immy & Becky at prom… :(



  4. I think that drew and clare where still having a baby together. You could change it to where drew and clare had a hook up and did not tell know one thats why the baby is that old and the baby looks like drew.



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