Degrassi is now trollin’ the fans who harass them on a daily basis about when Degrassi is returning and theorize that the show is on its deathbed.

The leaked May 26th return date is now impossible, because we’ve officially passed the deadline for a promo to announce that date.  Now we’re looking at a potential return date in June.  The month of June itself is considered summer, but if we’re still sticking with the “Degrassi returns this spring” thing, then that would technically leave June 2nd, 9th and 16th a potential dates (the first day of Summer is June 21st).  Keep in mind a network promo tends to be released no later than about 2 1/2 weeks before the date, so the deadline for a June 2nd premiere is rapidly approaching.

Until then, we still have the season 15 auditions to obsess over.

Posted by Kary


  1. So now we wait longer. At this rate we wouldn’t finish till September. People will be going to school. At least The Strain should be on soon. But the only reason I’m watching this is for 1 reason only: to see Zoe get punishments. Jail was hinted twice (by Frankie in 14A & Tristan in 14B) & CP was hinted

    Twice. We see she’s feeling bad. Something is wrong if she got no punishment. Its insane. We will see her last plan. Its sad:( she tries to win folks back after they see everything. Just sad. I hope her plan either backfires or she gives up. Cus she needs to stop running. Sim got fired, the girls hater her

    (Even though they dont say it), she lost Winston & Frankie fo r life. She would have to put the blame somewhere & its either the girls on the couple. She knows what she did is wrong. But she is too scared to take the punishment.

    & it looks like Gloria is in the finale. So hopefully the girls (with Frankie) can compete hopefully after Zoe gets put away. I know I talk about her a lot but her in S15 seems irrelevant. Going through lying her way out isn’t the way.

    Everything in 14B (-Zig stuff) is a conclusion from 14A. Point is that she doesn’t deserve to skate away free & start the new year over. If her plan worked shed be free & whoever gets the juvie time. So I pray we see something expelled worthy in the

    4th. Once we do in the end we know she won’t be back. I like seeing Ana in the video (even though I didn’t watch it) its her time to go. Zoe caused irreparable damage. An her plans always go south in the end.



  2. That’s Hunter?! Eww the hair, I hate it.

    Also, I think this video is a bit rude to their fans who have been waiting for a long time for Degrassi to start back up. Not only will they not tell us when it’s starting again but now they troll us. Well. it better be amazing because if it’s starts back up again as a flop after all this waiting that will be super disappointing.

    And I really want Mr. Yates to come back” I loved that story-line. The guys played it well together, so well that it actually made me uncomfortable to watch it.



  3. I just want to see Claire, Eli, and the baby end up as a family and then I’m so done with this show. They are the only reason I’ve kept up with the show, aside from hoping Emma and Spinner or Manny and Jay make an appearance. Obviously they only had Spinner back for like, 2 seconds, and that appearance wasn’t much of anything. So…yeah. I’m done with Degrassi.






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