Finally, some news! There’s so much Degrassi info I’m having to sit on because the Degrassi powers that be have to be the ones to release it, and hopefully that news starts trickling in during the coming weeks.  But for now, casting information for Degrassi Season 15 should temporarily calm the “Omg no news about season 15? Degrassi must be canceled!!” crowd.

Yes, casting for this Degrassi season is way, WAY later than usual.  It used to be they’d start open casting calls around December.  But one thing you have to keep in mind is that things are changing at Epitome with DHX Media having a year of ownership under their belt, so there’s no guarantee Degrassi’s routine will remain the same as it was for 4 years.  One of the biggest changes is the fact they’re using the set to film other shows besides Degrassi and Open Heart.  According to the show’s casting director, Larissa Mair, Degrassi Season 15 is filming from June-September (Usually it’s April/May – October-ish).

Before I post the audition info, I’ll go over audition requirements I’ve been asked about many, many times over the years.


You want to be an actor/actress? That’s fantastic, and I hope you reach your goal of doing so.  However, if you do not have Canadian citizenship, you simply won’t be considered for a role on Degrassi. The show receives funding from the Canadian government, and a stipulation upon accepting said funds is that all cast and crew must be Canadian.  Dual citizens and people with Canadian work visas are allowed to audition.  It is also highly encouraged that you have an agent.

You don’t have to be a resident of Toronto, but you need to have living arrangements in T.O. during the months while they’re filming.


The audition information below comes directly from casting director Larissa Mair’s website. Follow all directions exactly to ensure there are no issues with your audition. Good luck!

Degrassi is going into its 15th season and is searching for new talent to join the cast! We are accepting video auditions from teens who match the following specs and are able to work as a TORONTO LOCAL.

Please read through the following character descriptions to choose which role is most suitable to you, then click to download the corresponding Audition Package found under each character description.

Not only do these documents contain sides, they also have information with all of the details you need to send in your audition for Degrassi. There are instructions on how to do the self tape, what to send us, and where to send it. Please read it very carefully and be sure to follow all of the instructions.

Please note that you must be a Canadian citizen and able to work as a Toronto local between Mid-June to Mid-September 2015.

Casting the following characters:

Female: 15 years.
Open Ethnicity. Prim and proper. A button-down keener on the outside, an erratic thrill-seeker on the inside, Esme’s an 11th grade student who lives in the moment. She’s confident, knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to manipulate others in order to get it. These antics are rooted in her desperate need for attention, so when things don’t go according to her plan, Esme lashes out in manic, psychopathic ways.

To download the Audition Package for ESME click here.

Male: 15-17 years.
Wide-eyed, Indian, tall, and good-looking without knowing it, Vijay is a hopeless romantic with a flare for the dramatic. He believes in happy endings, and spends his time fantasizing about the one perfect boy who will sweep his grade 9 gamer geek self off his feet. He’s an idealist who’s honest, emotional, and who always follows his heart– even though it usually leads him towards heartbreak.

To download the Audition Package for VIJAY click here.

Male: 15 years.
Greek. An entrepreneurial millionaire trapped in the body of a 10th grade Greek nerd, Dino is a wunderkind who’s always on the lookout for new business ventures. He’s calculating and methodical, and hypothesizes all outcomes before throwing himself into situations. Because of this, he often lets logic get in the way of emotional connections and is only able to find and reconnect with his heart through his friends.

To download the Audition Package for DINO click here.

Female: 15-16-years.
Iranian/Muslim/Persian. Goldi Nahar is an activist and feminist who, while putting her hijab on every morning, considers ways in which she can improve Degrassi. Goldi is high achieving and out to win the student council presidency. She’s passionate yet somewhat reserved, leading others to believe that she’s standoffish, when in reality she’s just being respectful of others and her own beliefs.

To download the Audition Package for GOLDI NAHAR click here.

Female: 15 years.
Open Ethnicity. Strong and dominant, Maude is an 11th grade short haired lesbian, who always takes the lead. Whether it’s directing the school play or fighting against world hunger, she wants her voice to be heard. Maude’s a go-getter, and sometimes abuses her leadership powers by going further than she can get.  It’s only when she’s able to listen and follow others that she truly achieves her goals. For this role, talent must have short hair. Those who have long hair can audition, as long as willing to cut hair for shoot. If not willing to cut hair, please do not audition for this role.

To download the Audition Package for MAUDE click here.

The deadline for self tapes is Tuesday, May 19 by 6pm EST. Send a link to your self tape to degrassicasting15@gmail.com

Due to the large number of respondents, we ask that there be NO PHONE CALLS, please.

Posted by Kary


  1. Interesting but Esme kind of sounds like what Imogen was suppose to be in S11. its pretty cool the they are pushing the demographics & Diversity for S15.



    1. She sounds like a Zoe clone. All hell would break loose if they met. But I’ll watch them. They sound like a villain. As long as Zoe is GONE!! Can’t stress that enough. Serious as a heart attack. We should only see 1 last hopefully failed

      Plan in the 4th episode. Also we have a girl for Jack to love. & I’d hate Imogen of she was bad. I hope Lol doesn’t fall in love with the guys.



  2. VERY interesting-sounding characters! A gay male of colour, a hijab-wearing Muslim, and an androgynous lesbian? I’m looking forward to the next season!



  3. “An entrepreneurial millionaire trapped in the body of a 10th grade Greek nerd,”

    We all know that Dino won’t be getting any storylines of his own…



  4. nice set of new students, 2 11th graders to with maya’s group one 10th grader to go with hunter and Frankie grade level and one outlier in 9th and what grade is GOLDI NAHAR in. so how many episodes are we getting next season and do you guys think we are going to see a entire school year in season 15 or just the first part 2014-2015 school year.



    1. So for the main characters, they go like this:
      12th: Jack and Jonah
      11th: Maya, Miles, Zig, Zoe, Winston, Tristan, Tiny, Grace, Maude, Esme, and Goldi
      10th: Frankie, Shay, Lola, Arlene, Hunter, and Dino
      9th: Vijay

      I’m sort of loving it haha. Can’t wait to see how different it will be without the seniors. Also, regarding the episode count, I think it’ll be around 20-28 again, most likely 24. Meaning, more seasons with these characters. They’re filming has be cut from like 6 and a 1/2 months to 3 and a 1/2 due to other shows filming there. I wish they would have just left it with Degrassi and Open Heart filming there, each getting 6 months out of the year to film. That would have worked better. :\



      1. Open Heart was filmed in 3 weeks. Most of Degrassi S14 was filmed in 6 weeks, and then after taking a month to film Open Heart they returned to film episodes 24-28 in a week. Each show was never using the studio for 6 months to begin with.


  5. I ship Tiny with Esme, Zoe, Grace, and Maude I wanna see a friendship of Tiny and Jack



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