I guess the moral of these webisodes is that Winston has no chill in season 14.  It looks like Frankie, Grace and Eli were all red herrings.  And the best part of this webisode series (the continuity and hint dropping) continued with us learning Miles actually got in trouble for the fire.  I mean he’d clearly claim that it was an accident (hence him only receiving 200 hours of community service), but this was a scenario where it’s been easy for us to assume that show would let him off the hook with this one.


Kary I know this season is half over but do you think it’s a tad odd season 15 hasn’t been brought up? No brainstorming etc I’ve been following Degrassi since season 1 just curious. I know Linda mentioned season 15 in an interview in January but it wasn’t really discussed. – Rellyjsincalire

This question ties into the news about when we can expect word on 14B.  If they were going to have Degrassi’s return coincide with the ending of Champagne Supernova we should’ve received a promo last night or today.  However, last week MTV Canada announced they’re releasing a new Degrassi promo to coincide with the MTV Movie Awards on April 12th:

My thought is that if April 12th is the first time we’re receiving a promo, then my initial guess is Degrassi returns the last Tuesday in April or early May.

Now in regards to the question above, Degrassi has become more secretive with each passing season.  There’s always leaks here and there, but for the most part they’re locking down a lot of info these days as opposed to being completely transparent like they were in the season 10/11 era. I believe it was season 13 when the Stohn stopped posting pictures from the readthroughs as they were happening, and his reasoning was that the current season (s12) was still being broadcast so they were under some type of embargo.  My belief is that we should always assume a new season will happen unless otherwise stated…I just don’t want to believe that, given the history and longevity of the Degrassi franchise, they’d cancel the show without giving Epitome enough time to create some kind of proper ending and being able to hype up Degrassi’s final season.

I’m not sure what to make of no brainstorming or open casting calls this year.  One thing to also remember is that Epitome Pictures is under new management, so that could also create a bunch of unknowns.  We don’t know what the show’s format or episode count might be, or whether or not the show will maintain its production schedule from last season (filming begins in April).  Pair that up with the fact a large chunk of the s14 cast is graduating (giving the show an opportunity to add more characters and/or essentially reboot the show in s15) and 14B will extend well into the heart of summertime, we could go quite a while without hearing or seeing anything significant about a 15th season.


Posted by Kary


  1. They seemed to be wrapped up in Open Heart at this point, which makes sense given that they’re trying to establish that show. I thought there was a post from Stohn back in January or December about the writers brainstorming for Season 15? Or maybe, I just imagined it. That’s very possible too, lol.



    1. Look on the bright side: after Zoe’s gone I dont give a shit how long we wait for S15. Just the thought of her gone will fuel my love for the show. Unless there’s someone else: Zoe is the 1st who managed to lose 15 friends all at once.



      1. And your creepy obsession with Zoe remains…


  2. They’re probably trying to think of new characters and their stories since a lot of the cast is graduating



  3. I hope Zaya finally happen. I’ve literally been waiting since S11 for Zaya, haha.



    1. Zaya? Dont hold ur breath. Zig loves Zoe. & it looks like true love. There’s a Zig/Zoe kiss coming *sighs* & if he still loves her after that then gah damn. The only thing I’m worried about here is Zoe leaving. Frankie’s name is

      In danger unless she confesses. & we all know Frankie ain’t leaving. But unless Zoe wants more emotional damage she is not going to the 11th grade. & I want Becky to be a virgin. She’s nice & the guys she likes need to keep

      It in their pants. My questions are : whose in charge of the squad, did Zoe confess, will she confess before the 2 pt episode, and is she getting expelled before the finale?

      PS: Winston isn’t the true blackmailer. Airline is. She hacke d the app an made the text & trained Winston. Your welcome



  4. Its so funny how these two always end up together. But never discuss there problem s aginst each other



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