Degrassi Junior High Reviewed has done a great job over the past year reviewing every episode of the old school Degrassi series from the 80’s. Here’s a list of their top 15 moments from the series. I’m reblogging this because:

1) It’s Degrassi (duh) and I’m not sure how familiar the current Degrassi fandom is with the original Degrassi. This list covers some of the larger storylines from the series.

2) There’s certain things within these storylines that I’m hoping Degrassi re-uses in the current series, where they currently have a chance to expand on things more than they did back in the 80’s and the TNG days. For instance, Wheels’ character arch was simply fantastic. After his parents died, his life spiraled out of control and he went down a dark path. His woes were well documented in several storylines over the course of those final three seasons.

Degrassi Junior High Reviewed

degrassi cast

Since it’s a year since I started this little blog, why don’t I do a top fifteen of the most memorable moments in Degrassi history? Because a top ten wouldn’t be enough. I think in the future I’ll also do a top ten shittiest moments. But I have a feeling it’ll mostly be Arthur plots. Trying to pick out the best moments was pretty hard, there’s just so many of them to chose from. I tried to come up with the ones that best represented the series. Some of you may have other moments that come to mind and that’s ok. I hope to read what you guys think are the best moments to you.

15.Stephanie Kaye reveals her new look for the school year. (Degrassi Junior High Season 1, Episode 1, “Kiss Me, Steph”)

And oh boy, it’s the most sluttiest, whorish outfit one could have found circa 1987…

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  1. Hey Kary. Thanks for all the love on my little blog. I really appreciate it. I noticed that the early years of TNG recycled a lot of the old story lines. The most telling when Terri got drunk and went to the school dance all wasted. Just like Stephanie Kaye did.



  2. when is degrassi coming back anyway? this show was my favorite! i miss it so much im ready to watch it again



  3. That was pretty entertaining to read. It was a good show too, not really different from the new version, now it’s just current to this time period.



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