An overwhelming majority of people assumed Maya had the key, but the problem is Degrassi wrote Champagne Supernova with the intent of making it a mystery, meaning Maya was TOO easy of a choice.  The comment about Zig going to check on Miles the night of the party would lead one to believe that one of them is the culprit, but honestly while saying it out loud the whole handcuffing thing sounds like a Grace move.  Out of the 5 potential people left, Frankie (not really her style) and Eli (the handcuffing would’ve probably happened at The Dot) are least likely, but you never know.  By default, Winston is in the middle.

I’m also liking the hints these minis are dropping, confirming Stephen Stohn’s comment that these minis were “canon-ish.”  We know for a fact Miles wants Maya, but if you ignore fandom speculation and strictly pay attention to what’s happening in the show, Maya has shown no romantic interest in Miles since breaking up with him (just like she showed no romantic interest in Zig during that faux “love triangle” in season 13).

We also learned that Miles’ dad won the election, which is bad for Miles, Frankie and Hunter.  Their lives will continue to be under a microscope, and it also means Mr. H might be too busy being mayor to work on repairing the damage within his family…but at the same time the kids will be expected to maintain the public image that their family is just sunshine and unicorns.


SIDE NOTE:  We’ve reached that point in time where people start harassing the networks/everyone associated with Degrassi about when we’re getting a new promo.  Even though Stephen Stohn said there was going to be an 11-week hiatus which would put Degrassi returning on April 7th, things are always subject to change until a press release or promo confirm the date.

Promos tend to get released sometime within the range of about 2 1/2 weeks to 4 weeks before the premiere date.  If April 7th were the official date I’d be expecting a promo this week. However, I’m not because if it were me it would probably make more sense to announce Degrassi’s return sometime next week to coincide with the release of the final two Champagne Supernova minis on the 24th.

Posted by Kary


  1. This is crazy, I know who did it from the leak but why? And Why is Eli & Grace in it did they party with Zig & Miles? I know we have two webisodes left. I was surprised we heard the Mr H won the election in a mini and now I’m a little scared for the kids. So was that gift basket for Clare an I’m sorry for screwing up or an actual nic thing from Eli. As for Maya it was known she doesn’t want a relationship with Miles or Zig, especially right now because of her therapy. We know Tris is very hurt and So is Zoe. I hope this is that little hint for 14B..



  2. This has nothing to with the webisodes. Are you surprised that so many Eclare fans jumped ship in S13 & S14? Also it seems that Aislinn & Munro lost their chemistry. I have been trying to be unbias but I feel nothing, its feel like they don’t know each other anymore, Clare still walks on eggshells around him, Eli still lives in his own little play in his head. It feels that they are scared to let go and move on. Which is normal. TBH I hope they don’t get back together, I feel the same way with Maya and Miles…



  3. Zig looks like he has a kind if nice butt by the way those jeans sit on his waist…..just saying



  4. Rellyjsincalire March 20, 2015 at 12:12 am

    Kary I know this season is half over but do you think it’s a tad odd season 15 hasn’t been brought up? No brainstorming etc I’ve been following Degrassi since season 1 just curious. I know Linda mentioned season 15 in an interview in January but it wasn’t really discussed.



  5. I ship Miles and Maya so hard! :(



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