Degrassi has released 13 songs from Degrassi 14A on iTunes, including the duet Becky and Jonah sang in “Hush” called Bring Back The Light.  You can purchase individual songs for 99 cents, or the entire album for $9.99.


Some Degrassi Throwback stuff for you:

*Abby Ho interviewed Degrassi’s then Music Supervisor back in 2013.  The show’s current music supervisor is Dondrea Erauw.

*Lots and of TNG music stuff.  Opening things and band music.  I remember back in the day I would’ve KILLED to have an official album with all these songs, especially the Downtown Sasquatch and Hell Hath No Fury stuff.

*Yes, I’ve created Degrassi music of my own.  I’ve probably produced more Degrassi parody songs than anyone else in existence.  I don’t claim to have singing or rap skills, but it’s fun to poke fun at the show in musical form.

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  1. This has nothing to with the music. Its been bothering me for a long time but I don’t understand why the Degrassi/Epitome family, Teennick and MTV and other promoters for the show romanticize unhealthy relationships like Eclare, Matlinsworth, Triles and a selected few. i thought this show was suppose to teach these teens to understand this.? It seems that Clare has no backbone when it comes to Eli, shes doing the same thing Alli did when she was with Leo. Covering his anger and trying to ‘save him’. Part of the unhealthy is lack of communication, multiple break ups & make ups, manipulation with grand gestures.. Both Eli & Miles do this. They also put blame on the lovers when they mess up big time. They bail when things get too tough. If Eli truly loves Clare he would have set aside his anger & jealously and tried to work things out with Clare. Also make a happy medium with Drew when thought that Drew was the dad. The fans don’t understand this and its very irresponsible for the writers, Stohn and the PR to promote toxic relationships like this. Whats next Eli will hit Clare and they get married??????????



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