(You Drive Me) Crazy airs on Tuesday, December 2nd at 9pm on TeenNick and MTV Canada.

Maya can’t sleep because of her Cam/Miles nightmares. Jack reveals to Imogen that she practices polyamory. Imogen, who is usually fine with the abstract, is honest with Jack about wanting monogamy. Frankie finds disturbing comics on Hunter’s computer.

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TeenNick :15 Promo (Jackogen)

Posted by Kary


  1. I like how they are finally making Cam’s suicide impact Maya’s life. Even though everyone may have their own way of dealing with situations, I thought it was odd that she was able to say her speech how he did what he did, left everyone and wasn’t sad and then went on with her life. I am interested to see if this fear with Miles is going to develop into how she really cares for him and worries about his safety because of Cam’s suicide, or if it is going to develop into her realizing simply that she was affect and has deep issues because of Cam’s suicide.



    1. I also thought it was odd how they never showed Maya having a conversation with Miles about her experience with Cam. I would like to see her rationally divulge/confide in Miles why she is worried about him and for him to open up to her. They both have had hard circumstances and if they let each other in maybe they can find strength from each other. I know these are kids but Degrassi does so much flitting from one thing to the other – I’d like to see something end up being a meaningful interaction that makes a lasting difference between these two.



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