1) Miles Hollingsworth (Last week: #1)
Though nothing has hit me like Miles’ plot yet, basically everything in Season 14 has been solid so far.  I believe Degrassi still filmed season 14 in blocks of 4 episodes, so I’m expecting a major shakeup at the top of next week’s rankings.

2) Zoë Rivas ()
Zoë will sit here until next week.  Unless she does something amazing, there are at least 3 other ladies whose presence in There’s Your Trouble will bump her out of the top 5.

3) Clare Edwards (#7)
Clare’s in serious denial, and now she’s going to start feeling the full weight of her decisions.  With both Drew and Eli now in the picture, she’s going to learn quickly that her plan isn’t going to work after all.

4) Frankie Hollingsworth ()
Catch the promo for 1405, and it’s easy to picture Frankie as the Hollingsworth at the top of the power rankings soon.

5) Zig Novak ()

6) Maya Matlin  (#3)
Maya is what my ideal Degrassi character’s usage would be like.  Give them plots of their own (not necessarily an A plot), but also allow them to “cool off” by simply existing as a support character in other people’s plots.

7) Drew Torres (#6)

8) Grace Cardinal (#9)
Grace is a total badass.

9) Becky Baker (#8)
Becky’s sort of been lingering off on her own for a while, but next week is one of my most-anticipated moments of the season:  she finally visits her brother in prison.

10) Mike Dallas ()
Bhandallas’ brief moment in 1404 was wonderful.

11) Winston Chu ()
Another solid out from Mr. Chu

12) Alli Bhandari (#13)
See #10.

13) Hunter Hollingsworth (#12)

14)  Shay Powers (#15)

15) Tiny King (#19)

16) Eli Goldsworthy (#20)
Over the course of spring break it seems Eclare has made plans about their future.  Eli has every right to be pissed off.  The prediction of a miscarriage means Eclare will be free to ride off into the sunset once Clare graduates, unless Eli’s behavior in these crucial weeks burns bridges for good.

17) Tristan Milligan (#14)

18) Imogen Moreno (#16)

19) Jack (#17)

20) Lola Pacini (#20)

21) Connor DeLaurier (#18)

22) Jenna Middleton ()

UNRANKED: Arelene Takahashi, Jonah Haak.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Helen & Audra…because they have to deal with the fact that their kids are now having a kid.


Posted by Kary


  1. Kary, There is also a possibility Clare can resent Eli if he’s the one that causes her to miscarry her ‘miracle baby’ due to stress. There is more negative outcomes than positive if that happens. How will Drew feel? It seems he starting to bond with the baby and Clare. Eli has every right to be upset. What if Eli just can’t deal with another man being the father of her baby. There is that chance Eli could tells Clare its me or Drew’s baby.. Abortion can still be on the plate.



  2. I really hate these writers for refusing to explore Connor’s potential for all of these years. Has he even made an appearance yet?



    1. Agreed.. Aj is a fantastic actor I feel like he’s being wasted due to certain actors/characters who have so much development already. That goes for Cristine too.



      1. im not the hugest fan of connor but in 7 seasons not ONE A PLOT????? thats a little unfair and ridiculous. and AJ is an A plot capable actor. im not a huge fan of jenna either but she has done very well with her A plots so far. especially Halo one of degrassi’s best episodes ever!!!!


      2. Did anyone else catch AJ in the Aaliyah movie? The movie itself was awful and there wasn’t much to his role, but it was good seeing him working on something else.


    2. i thought the same thing and then i saw him in lifetime’s movie about Aaliyah. I think that is why jenna n connor have been absent.



      1. I wish I could believe that, but the writers play obvious favorites. Jenna and Connor are the new Liberty and Toby. Their potential won’t be explored, especially since the writers’ two favorite characters are expecting a kid.


  3. I agree with you about Maya’s character, having plots revolve around her sometimes and then playing a supporting role other times.

    Would love to see Maya spend the rest of her high school days being a good, supportive friend, growing up academically/socially and dealing with the after effects of Cam’s suicide – the latter one could affect her emotionally for the reminder of her high school days.

    Also, would love to see Maya NOT get boy obsessed for the rest of her time at Degrassi – no boyfriend drama. There are lots of girls (and boys) who go through all of high school without ever dating or caring about dating.



    1. Maya going without a love interest for the next… three seasons? That’s not happening. Romance is too easy and Maya is about the easiest of the ladies on the show that isn’t a senior to make for romance plots (probably tied with Lola, as soon as we see more of her.) But I’m glad she’s getting the break from the romance plots for this season at least.

      Plus it’d send the wrong message if she never got over Cam, anyone in High School who has lost someone NEEDS to see it gets better, even if the world doesn’t seem like it will.



  4. Spinner better get a mention in this week’s rankings!



  5. frankie crying :((



  6. Am I the only one wondering when Clare’s finally gonna go to the doctor for a check up on her baby? I really just want them to say who the father is so I don’t have to try to guess anymore.



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