Munro Chambers, Aislinn Paul, Melinda Shankar and Ricardo Hoyos seen on set of 'Degrassi' in Toronto

Thunderstruck will air as a one-hour finale on Tuesday, July 29th.  We’ve known for 8 months that Clare would be traveling to NYC and that Zig would be more than likely be involved in the finale (not with Eclare though…it would make no sense seeing as how he has no connection to them).

Maya, Zig, and Zoë  plan to attend a Degrassi dance, but get stranded at the Matlin house due to an unexpected storm. Meanwhile, Clare heads to NYC for an interview at Columbia and fears running into Eli, and Drew searches for missing Becky.

Degrassi has filmed episodes in NYC before, but this time they chose to handle scenes on set with the green screen, just like they did with the Paris episodes.


If you haven’t seen them yet, here are the episode descriptions for the four episodes prior to Thunderstruck:

1335 – Hypnotize (airs 7/1): Mr. Yates offers Tristan writing help if he comes to his apartment; Imogen is enamored with Jack.

1336 – Out of My Head (airs 7/8): Mr. Yates warns Tristan about concealing their affair; Imogen will do anything for Jack’s affection.

1337 – Believe Pt. 1 (airs 7/15): Zoë worries about how she is being portrayed in her trial, so she takes matters into her own hands.

1338 – Believe Pt. 2 (airs 7/22): Becky is conflicted about her testimony, but knows what the right thing would be.


Posted by Kary


  1. I’m not happy. This show is getting to predictable and I’m tired of the Degrassi family romanticising this unhealthy pair.. I thought this show is suppose to teach the pros & cons in life. But no they keep having Clare repeat this unhealthy pattern. The sad part is that some fans don’t see it. When Clare said this “I realize I don’t know how to be single. Who am I on my own”. That is a problem. Clare doesn’t know who she is without a partner and that is sad. No teenage female or any woman should feel this. I can’t support Eclare and If I get hate oh well.



    1. You won’t get any hate from me. Clare does need to be single and I swear it’s not only because I hate how so many guys fawn over her, LOL. This show has been absolutely ridiculous with this for a very long time and Clare isn’t the first or only victim either (examples include throwing Alli into a relationship so soon after Leo and randomly putting Emma and Spinner together instead of having them end their time on the show unattached). Note to any Degrassi writers who might be reading this: there’s nothing wrong with being single, especially if the single character happens to be one of your favorites!



  2. I get that everyone is mad about clare and the guys right now but I really want her to get back together with eli. Now definitely not right now but if they end up living in New York together I want them to be endgame!



  3. That first plot sounds like a porno. That explains the weird scene between Zoe and Maya in the previews before…? Maya coming onto Zoe in front of Zig.

    Ugh, no. Eli, get the fuck out.

    Becky runs away or gets kicked out for ‘going against flesh and blood’ for turning Luke in and getting him a guilty verdict in court. Calling it.



  4. I have a feeling that Eli & Clare fight realize they are better friends and get there then get closure. Then start over in there lives.

    I think Becky is still having problems at home and doesn’t want to go back so Drew triess to find her in this storm thats going to happen.

    As for Maya, Zoe and Zig I don’t know. I hope that these three help each other out emotionally or something bad happens due to the storm.. Why are Tris & Miles on the ground in the rain are they in trouble or snooping on the 3?



  5. the idea of Eclare coming back gives me mixed feelings. I’ll Always want Eclare to be endgame and I don’t want to wonder they are like with Dolly J : it must happen onscreen. but it is too soon. Clare has been single for 3 episodes now and I believe she can have a strong story without a guy. For these 3 episodes I liked her. Not that I didn’t like her with Eli but a single female in degrassi is not bad. To me it is a welcome change.



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