With the hiatus currently under way, filming for season 13 complete and the holidays right around the corner, it’s going to be pretty quiet in Degrassiland until the show returns in January (a return date hasn’t been confirmed, but based on MTV’s schedule of returning shows my early guess would be either January 9th or 16th).

Until then I’ll just post random throwback stuff so that it’ll remain on the internet for forever.

Nowadays it’s common to catch cast members making appearances at various events, and occasionally signing autographs, etc.  Unfortunately, for American fans it’s a rarity to have the opportunity to meet cast members here in the U.S., simply because events aren’t planned here.  The cast members of today are usually doing other things outside of the show, so scheduling and of course other factors come into play.  In 2012, TeenNick hosted Party With Degrassi in five cities across the U.S. (L.A., DC & Minneapolis, Chicago, Jersey), allowing fans to meet the cast and watch a screening of an episode before it aired on TV.

But long before Party With Degrassi, the old TNG cast did their share of meeting fans in the U.S.  In the spring of 2004 (Season 3 was coming to an end in Canada, while the second half of S3 was scheduled to air in the U.S. later that summer), The-N hosted season 3 preview screenings in NY, L.A., Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta.  Photos from those events are below.

Countdown To Degrassi Screenings

Degrassi Mall Tour 2004

During the summer of 2004 (at this point the final 10 episodes of season 3 were airing on The-N), Degrassi began its American mall tour.  The tour was scheduled for 12 different locations over the course of 12 Saturdays, with a different pair of cast members signing autographs at each location.  Below are pictures from the first seven cities on the tour:

July 10, 2004 – Orlando, FL, Altamore Mall (Miriam McDonald and Ryan Cooley)
July 17 – Atlanta, GA, North Point Mall (Shane Kippel and Jake Goldsbie)
July 24 – Dallas, TX, Parks at Arlington (Daniel Clark and Sarah Barrable-Tishauer)
July 31 – Houston, TX, First Colony (Lauren Collins and Andrea Lewis)
August 7 – Tucson, AZ, Tucson Mall (Aubrey Graham and Cassie Steele)
August 14 – Honolulu, HI, Ala Moana (Stacey Farber and Melissa McIntyre)
August 21 – Los Angeles, CA, Glendale Galleria (Ryan Cooley and Adamo Ruggiero)

Degrassi also wound up doing a short mall tour in Canada in the fall of 2004 to promote season 4 (the tour started up right after Time Stands Still had aired in Canada).

Canadian Mall Tour 2004

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  1. Wow its hard to believe this was almost 10 years ago. Doesnt feel like it.



  2. […] Mall tours? Yes, mall tours. When Drake was still on Degrassi, the cast would go on tours of malls: […]



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