There were mixed reviews about the LA Degrassi Party, but tonight was totally different.  You couldn’t find anyone who said either party was anything less than amazing, even though they both had completely different rules and a different cast. Here are pics from various Degrassi fans at each party:

Washington DC

SOURCES: @nish_navaratne, @creativeliquid, @degrassi31157, @anniejclark, aislinn4ever, notliketheysowerebefore, @troo26, @toriannmiller, @rowmeenuh, Dan G.

Hot 99.5 Interviews Annie Clark and Munro Chambers:


Mall Of America

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Mall of America Q&A (via Mandama004)

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  1. Its seems like more people had a better time at DC and MOA than the fans at LA. Kind of sucks. The one cool thing about citywalk its outdoors and everybody could watch Degrassi on the big screen. To me it was good publicity for Degrassi and TeenNick to get more viewers. The only really sucky part there is no seating. City walk could have used there smaller venue The Globe its indoor. Hopefully the next time they do it in LA it would be in a better location and not on a school night.



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