As we all know, Degrassi’s summer block consists of 8 episodes spanning 7 weeks (the finale will be on August 22nd).  That means Degrassi will have a whopping 32 episodes they’re going to need to divvy up between September 2013 and July 2014.  With the bad news of not having a telenovela comes the good news of having shorter hiatuses throughout the year.  Stephen Stohn tweeted information about that today:

The instant assumption is that block B will happen this fall, then blocks C and D (and maybe E) will happen next Winter/Spring/Early Summer.  My hope is that those 2014 episodes are scheduled in a way that puts them closer toward the summer.  I really don’t mind having a long hiatus over the winter (December-February), and would much rather see them use the end of season 13 to lead right into season 14 (like they did with TTOML this year, but bridge the gap that existed between that ep and Zombie).

Let’s also hope that with the show switching back to its original weekly format that 40 episodes remains the standard, because the moment they decide to do something drastic like slice that episode count in half, those hiatuses will become absolutely brutal.


All I Wanna Do Sneak Peeks

Both MuchMusic and TeenNick have posted clips for tomorrow’s episode..the links to them are below:

Much Music’s sneak peek:

TeenNick’s sneak peek:

Posted by Kary


  1. Kary, do you know if there was a specific reason that the show and the networks changed the show’s programming format for Season 13? I’m just curious, since it seemed that Degrassi’s telenovela programming strategy succeeded in pulling in good numbers of viewers. I understand if they simply wanted to change things up for the sake of “keeping things fresh”, but I am kind of surprised that the show would stray away from a process that seemed to be succeeding. Thanks!!



  2. Am I the only one who wishes the show would have a shorter amount of episodes. This is ridiculous. At least with the telenovela there was a certain theme and the episodes were building up to the summer finale. How many stories can they really tell throughout the year and you know Luke, Dave and some of the other characters aren’t going to get plots, so it will basically be around the same repetitive characters again. if it was really a whole new degrassi than they would’ve changed the format to 28-32 hour long episodes. They also better not have the entire season take place in the first semester again just to keep the seniors around for one more season. They have been doing that since season six and the timeline is only getting worse. There was a time during season 12 that I had no idea when it was all taking place. That’s a problem.

    It also Never occured to me that the seniors make up a good 70% of the cast. Season 14 could be the proper revamp the show wants. Clean the slate. And if the writers really can’t let go of the seniors do what you are doing now and have the summer block take place in the summer so that we can see them one final time.



  3. I know I sound like I’m bitching. I’m really not. I love this show. It is just my OCD(jk) coming out. I have a thing for order and the show really hasn’t had any order in a long time.



  4. Degrassi all year long!



  5. Hi Kary, Do you know if Bianca will be returning to degrassi for season 13? Because her and drew are engaged.



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