Here are some of the most recent searches people did on the web that somehow led them to this blog. First, let’s get all of the sex-related ones out of the way:

1) melinda shankar sex scene

2) melinda shankar nude

3) degrassi porn pics
Wait, is Shane Dawson planning on creating a Degrassi porn or something?

4) luke bilyk naked

5) is sarah fisher from degrassi bisexual

6) aislinn paul boobs

7) aislinn paul nude
I believe this is the first time for Aislinn showing up on the “we want nude pics of you” list. “Congratulations!”

8) xhamster alicia josipovic nude

9) luke bilyk boner

10) luke bilyk and munro chambers fucking

11) in degrassi season 13 does drew see zoe naked?

12) in degrassi season 13 does drew see imogen naked
Apparently season 13 is the year of Drew seeing everyone naked.


13) how to audition for degrassi
This is the most common question I receive.  Degrassi casting info is occasionally made public.  If that’s the case, you just follow the instructions. But before you even bother trying to audition there are two requirments.  1) YOU MUST HAVE CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP. Cry all you want about it being unfair, but it’s the rule. Degrassi receives funding from the Canadian government, and in order to keep that funding they must hire Canadian actors/crew members. You CAN audition for Degrassi if you’re an American with dual citizenship, or you have a Canadian work visa.  2) YOU MUST HAVE AN AGENT. All of the actors on the show have agents. Degrassi will send out audition info to agencies. You can find out how to get an agent in Toronto here:

14) why didn’t clare graduate
Because Clare wasn’t a senior!

15) why did alex steele leave degrassi
Apparently she wanted to pursue other acting opportunities. The door is open for her to return to Degrassi though.

16) degrassi season 12 dvd release date
Who knows…the most recent information is that it will be released in the Fall of 2013, but a specific date hasn’t been announced yet.

17) degrassi adam dies 2013
Degrassi fans kill off Adam every year!

18) will zig comeback to deggrassi
Yes. Don’t be freaked out by his lack of appearance in season 13 so far. In season 12 Zig was one of those characters who would appear in some episodes, then disappear for long periods of tine during the summer block. Most of his appearances occurred during the second half of the season.

19) why was maya punished by her mom for staying out too late from degrassi summertime
Because that’s what happens when you stay out past you curfew? You get in trouble! FYI: there’s no way in hell my parents would’ve let me go to Paris after pulling the stunts Maya did in Summertime.

20) did degrassi drop the telenovela format
Yes? Well it’s been dropped for this summer season at least. As of right now Degrassi’s done readthroughs through 1328. There will be 32 episodes left after the summer block. There will be hour-long episodes here and there, but I’d also love to see them do something like a shortened telenovela event.

21) degrassi aftershow
MuchMusic is debuting a Degrassi Aftershow on Thursday, July 18th at 8:30pm EST.  This new show will air immediately after every new episode.  American fans won’t be able to watch it live, but I’m sure there will be Canadian fans who will record and upload the show each week.

22) will fiona return in season 13 of degrassi
Possibly, but I highly doubt it.

23) why doesnt teen nick play degrassi reruns
You know, I’m not really sure why. However, it depends on what you mean because there’s multiple layers to this:

*TeenNick normally doesn’t air reruns of Degrassi (any episodes from the seasons 10-12 era) during the weekdays
*Reruns of The Next Generation episodes air from 5am – 6am EST weeknights
*TeenNick will be replaying the previous week’s episode Thursdays at 8:30pm EST before the new episode airs at 9pm
*TeenNick used to have an encore presentation of the new episodes at 9:30…however, it looks like they’re not doing that for this summer block
*TeenNick’s special encore of new episodes will now happen on Sunday nights at 9pm EST. They’ve branded it Degrassi “Tweet-peat”.

Posted by Kary


  1. 1-12 (…takes shower and scrubs self to the point of drawing blood)

    13. IIRC Kevin Smith wanted to direct “his” episodes but was limited to playing himself for this reason.

    14. Maybe they should’ve stuck with the color-coded uniforms.

    16. The earlier seasons don’t stream on Netflix anymore. I know Netflix and Nick had some sort of falling-out, but wouldn’t Epitome retain the streaming rights just as the DVDs have never been through Nick/Viacom?

    17. Maybe Adam could be like Kenny from South Park…

    18. It’s surprising that he wasn’t at least mentioned as still being around when Maya complained about everyone leaving her.

    19. Yeah, she got off easy. Again, that scene could’ve had a mention of a non-refundable deposit, or something.

    20. IMO, they should go to hourlong episodes.

    21. Any word from Stohn or elsewhere about maybe not geolocking the official online archive on Much?

    23. See #16.



  2. Is clare gonna die from cancer kary?! :(



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