Yesterday, the Degrassi Experience girls uploaded an interview that they did with Stephen Stohn earlier in the week.  You can watch the full video below, and if you’re in a hurry below that I’ve summarized the key Season 13 info we got from the interview (there are no spoilers).

Key information

*Season 13 info (aka new characters, episode titles) is being held until the broadcasters announce the new actors.
This statement confused me because he’s said that a few weeks ago, but I could’ve sworn that in the past Epitome has sort of casually announced new actors before the broadcasters officially did.  Either way, it seems like that might not happen until after the season 12 finale airs in June.  The Stohn did say that he *might* release the episode title for 1301 sometime soon (it’ll be interesting to see if those titles mesh with the titles we saw in Abby’s casting director interview).  He said he’s also been taking pictures of all of the scripts/readthroughs, which he will post when timing permits.

*New characters.
There will be 3 or four new characters who have major roles in the summer block.  They’re also bringing on some new characters to play minor roles on the show.  Stohn also said there is one new main character (and maybe some minor ones) who won’t appear until the fall block.

*No send off for Tori Santamaria.
If you haven’t heard yet, Alex Steele isn’t returning to Degrassi for season 13 because she wants to pursue a film career.  Stohn said they aren’t going to write off her character (it sounds like they aren’t even going to try and explain her absence) because they’re hopeful that she could actually return to the show in the future.

*Party With Degrassi?
There was no real update on this, with Stohn saying that it’s up to the broadcasters to make that happen.  However, he did say that the annual premiere party in MuchMusic’s parking lot is pretty much going to to happen again this year.  If Much’s current summer plans hold up, then that premiere party would take place on Friday, July 12th.

Posted by Kary


  1. I hope Alex Steele do return.



  2. I’m excited for the new characters. Characters are my favorite things ever (I’m a roleplayer–not in games but messaging role play with my best friend EVER, though we RP animes and originals) and I’m always curious to see what new characters Degrassi has because they’re really the only show I feel has successfully done with graduating characters off and bringing new characters in!



  3. It’s pretty lazy of them not to explain Tori’s absence. Would it really be so hard to mention in passing that she switched schools or something?



    1. I’m assuming they’ll do something like that.
      I think they just mean she’s not getting an episode dedicated to her leaving (Like Sean or Craig)

      I hope she does come back eventually (before her class graduates in like 8 years :p)



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