The most common question I receive is people asking how they can be on Degrassi.  Sometimes I get extremely serious inquiries from people who think I work for the show (I do not work for Epitome, and am not affiliated with the show in any way).

In the video below, Abby Ho talked to the show’s Background Casting Director, Krista Fraser, about how you can be an extra on the show.  And in case you decide to skip the video, here’s a reminder:

1) To be on Degrassi, you MUST be a Canadian Citizen. Dual citizenship is okay. Stephen Stohn also mentioned that people with work visas are also eligible.

2) You MUST have an agent.  As Krista explains in the video, people used as extras are hired through agencies (lead actors also have agents).  A primary source for finding an agent in Canada:

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  1. […] today I posted the video of Abby Ho interviewing Degrassi’s Background Casting Director, Krista Fras….  In the background you could see a whiteboard with random Season 13 information.  Upon further […]



  2. Why do you have to be Canadian i mean i know that a lot of the cast is but why why not give other people who arent canadian
    Anyways i love the show and really wish i could be on it acting is like my secret dream and i really wisg i could have pursued it when i was younger but i had other kids making fun of me which really lowered my self esteem and i just really wish i could have been apart of degrassi even if it was just an extra thanks love you guys ps let me know if you guys have any advice thanks again <3



  3. Im 14 and I just got in to grade nine my dream is to become an actor I love acting I love doing drama classes my hobbies are playing soccer listening to music and being with friends and family every one I know says I would be good to be doing these stuff because of my personality idk but I would really love to do this im committed to acting♡♥♡ please let me know if u guys have any advice for me becsuse I really do want to do this kinda of stuff



    1. Just keep trying, don’t give up. You’ll get there soon! ♥.



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