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Degrassi Episode Review: Bark At The Moon

BARK AT THE MOON SEASON: 4 EPISODE: 13 CTV AIRDATE: 11/23/04 THE-N AIRDATE: 3/11/05 – MANNY PLOT SUMMARY:  Spinner wants to make his relationship with Manny official, but she’s hesitant to do so.  While giving […]

Degrassi Promo Pics: Bark At The Moon

Welcome to the early weeks of Degrassi’s winter hiatus, which I like to call the “Degrassi wasteland.”  I call it that because this is the time of year where literally nothing is happening in the […]

DegrassiBlog Q&A 5-2-12 (My Top 10 Favorite Episodes)

Hi Kary, I recently read the post you did a while back about your “Top 10 Favorite Episodes” of Degrassi, and was wondering, since you did that before the end of Season 9, are there […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Another Brick In The Wall

Another Brick In The Wall Season: 7 Episode: 18 The-N Airdate: 4/25/08 CTV Airdate: 5/8/08 PLOT A SUMMARY: Snake learns that he’s been cleared of the pedophilia charges against him, which means he can return to […]

Degrassi Christmas Mini: If Jay Can’t Be Happy

– Ahhhh let’s re-watch one of the best Degrassi minis out there….made back when Degrassi minis were actually worth watching and they had a *slight* obsession with dildos. Merrrrrrrrrry Christmas & Happy Holidays! – –

Degrassi Episode Review: Holiday

Holiday Season: 3 Episode: 11 & 12 CTV Airdate: 12/17/03 The-N Airdate: 12/19/03 ********************** PLOT A SUMMARY: It’s almost Christmas time, and there’s all sorts of drama happening in the Jeremiah household.  For Craig, he’s […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Can’t Hardly Wait

Can’t Hardly Wait Season: 6 Episode: 4 The-N Airdate: 10/13/06 CTV Airdate: 12/5/06 PLOT A SUMMARY:  Ashley is ready to have sex with Jimmy, but there’s just one problem: he can’t get an erection.  He […]