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Degrassi Corner: DNC Season 3 Screening, Cute Whore And Eleanor Shore News

Season 3 is done and the creators held a screening to watch the product. We also have some Degrassian music news, including an upcoming performance for a good cause.

Degrassi Yearbook: Win A Grammy

The Next Class cast is so diverse in many ways, but so many of them have one thing in common: they’re passionate about music. While the previous generation of Degrassians (S10-14) were mostly involved in […]

Degrassi Confessions: Is Zoë Pregnant?

Plot speculation has long been a big part of the Degrassi universe, with fan theories ranging from being on point to completely nonsensical. In between seasons 4 and 5 of TNG there was a rumor […]

Degrassi Happenings 2/22/16

Here’s a live look at the Degrassi universe: A month into the hiatus and there’s nothin’ man…and we’ve got a while to go before anything major happens. Despite nothing really happening with the show itself, former and current […]

Degrassi Interviews Still Confirming Next Class Will Be “Edgier”

It’s no secret that Degrassi was limited in what it could do while the show aired on TeenNick, especially in its final years on the network. The taglines “100% Intense” and “It Goes There” might’ve applied back […]