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Degrassi Goes Hollywood Screening August 26th

ATTENTION CANADIAN FANS!!! Stefan Brogren has confirmed there will be a screening of Degrassi Goes Hollywood on Wednesday August 26, in Toronto.  You’ll get a chance to meet the cast because they’ll be there as […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Up Where We Belong

WARNING: THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS EPISODE SPOILERS Up Where We Belong Soundtrack Google My Own Name, by Stüdz Baby What’s Your Sound?, by Beats For Beginners Waltz Of The Flowers, by Jim Mcgrath Re: Model, […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Heart of Glass

I was on vacation last week, so I’m just catching up… WARNING: THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS EPISODE SPOILERS. MAIN PLOT “You think we’re in some sort of epic romance.” – Johnny DiMarco “Heart of Glass” […]

Season 9 Promo Day for Degrassi and The-N

Today the cast of Degrassi is shooting Season 9 promos/elements for The-N.  I know I have a lot of disdain for The-N in general, but I’ll give them credit where it’s due in a heartbeat; they […]

New Opening Theme in Degrassi Season 9

They’re at it again…The Exec took several tweets to talk about Degrassi’s new theme song in Season 9: *********** Looks like we will update the theme song, using a male lead vocal this time.. whenever […]


Even though Season 8 has been completely forgettable, seeing this cover art makes me excited for the DVD.  For me, the DVD is kinda like the “second chance.”  I didn’t like Seasons 5 and 6 […]

Question: Who Plays “Reese” on Degrassi?

Answer: His name is Matthew Del Bel Belluz.  There isn’t much info about him online except for he’s been in a couple of theatre shows.  There was also something about him winning a musical theatre scholarship, so […]

Degrassi Season 8 DVD News [7-19-09]

You know how The Exec said the Degrassi Season 8 DVD would be released at different times in the U.S. and Canada? Well those were LIES!!! :-p According to his twitter, The Exec said the DVDs will […]

Degrassi Goes Hollywood Hits The-N Aug 14 (Probably)

  We already know Degrassi Goes Hollywood airs in Canada on August 30th…now The Exec is saying the airdate for the U.S. will more than likely be Friday, August 14th: ************* It’s looking likely that […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Touch Of Grey

WARNING: THIS EPISODE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS   TOUCH OF GREY SOUNDTRACK: (there’s only one song credited) 1) Upfront With You, by Universal Honey MAIN PLOT What happens when Degrassi gives us an episode where Emma […]