Today the cast of Degrassi is shooting Season 9 promos/elements for The-N.  I know I have a lot of disdain for The-N in general, but I’ll give them credit where it’s due in a heartbeat; they put together AMAZING Degrassi promos.  Even if the promos severely overhype an episode (which they usually do) they realize that’s the entire point of a promo…it’s supposed to suck you in…and it works. 

If you have The-N I’m sure you’ll see the promos start probably sometime in September.  If not, ACESonline will grab copies of the promos and post them on youtube when they start running.  Below is probably my favorite Degrassi promo ever created by The-N, the Spinner vs. Johnny DiMarco promo. I absolutely loved their promo campaign they used to hype up Season 7.

Posted by Kary

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  1. ugh. Hate how he calls jt a nerd… W e I’m supperr excited for s 9 pretty soon now… Declan- too gorgeous



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