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Degrassi Episode Review: Lose Yourself

PLOT A SUMMARY: Jenna is depressed and tired of being at home with Tyson all the time, so she decides to return to Degrassi.  She doesn’t feel like she knows how to have fun anymore, […]

DegrassiBlog’s “I’m Degrassi’s Biggest Fan” Contest!

– Welcome to the “I’m Degrassi’s Biggest Fan” Contest!! This is a contest I wanted to do a couple of years ago, but decided to hold off to make the prize a little more awesome. […]

Degrassi Episode Discussion: Chasing Pavements, Part 1

Use this post to discuss Part 1 of Chasing Pavements. My thoughts on Part 1… *Fiona’s plot was good.  Nice closure to the storyline that kicked off Season 10.  Also it’s a great set up […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Hide and Seek

[WARNING: THIS EPISODE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS] You know it’s not a good day when even a WESLEY plot makes me just shrug my shoulders and say “Ehhh.” Poor pacing, storyline fatigue and an absurd means […]

Degrassi News 3-8-11

The Degrassi cast is back on the set today rehearsing!  Well some of them anyway, as they practice their lines and prepare for Season 11 to start shooting soon. Tomorrow is orientation day, and Stephen […]

The Star Scoop Interviews Stephen Stohn

With increased (almost direct) access to cast members, I can guarantee 2011 will be the year where there’s double the amount of Degrassi interviews floating around the web. Stephen Stohn, without a doubt, provides the […]


Since just Part 1 of The Way We Get By aired, there’s no review tonight.  I’ll review Parts 1 and 2 next Friday.  To discuss Part 1, head on over to the promo pics post. But […]

Degrassi HQ Promo Pics: The Way We Get By

I briefly posted the HQ pics last Friday night during the premiere, but I don’t know if anyone actually got to see them.  The first nine pics are the HQ ones…the rest are from TeenNick.  Click on […]


Degrassi returns TONIGHT (2/11) with the one-hour premiere of “When Love Takes Over.”  We’ll get to see the progression of a newer duo, Adam and Fiona, as they become closer. DJGENERAL recently did an interview […]

Degrassi HQ Promo Pics & Extended Sneak Peek of When Love Takes Over

TeenNick released its 2-minute sneak peak of When Love Takes Over (it’s basically the opening scene of tomorrow night’s episode).  Here’s the link to the sneak peek: http://www.teennick.com/videos/clip/degrassi-when-love-takes-over-pt1-clip-1-5×8.html You can CLICK HERE to see the […]