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Degrassi Promos: In The Cold Cold Night Pt. 2 (TeenNick & MuchMusic)

The difference between these two promos is insane to me. TeenNick Promo source: munrolove tumblr – MuchMusic Promo source: drewsbianca tumblr – –

Degrassi Promo Pics: In The Cold Cold Night Pt. 1

In The Cold Cold Pt. 1 Episode Description *An event celebrating the end of the semester is planned by Fiona and Imogen. Meanwhile, Clare takes on more than she can handle with her latest project. […]

Degrassi News 5-9-12 (Degrassi Promo Shoot, Season 12 Gallery Shoot)

DEGRASSI PROMO SHOOT Yesterday the Degrassi cast spent the day shooting one of the most anticipated Degrassi videos every year: the TeenNick summer promo.  In 2010 we had the Shark In The Water promo, and […]

Degrassi News 5-8-12 (Degrassi Episode Titles: 1217-1220, Degrassi Ep Description Speculation)

Yesterday the Degrassi cast attended another readthrough, this time for the episodes Sabotage (Beastie Boys) and Scream (Michael Jackson).  Here’s an updated list of the Season 12 episodes so far: WEEK 1 Monday July 16th: […]

Degrassi Promos: In The Cold Cold Night Pt. 1 (TeenNick & MuchMusic)

Episode Description for In The Cold Cold Night Pt. 1: Fiona and Imogen try to organize a Degrassi event; Clare is overwhelmed with a new project. For a more in-depth episode description, you can CLICK […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Hollaback Girl

PLOT A SUMMARY: Bianca’s turning over a new leaf, but she’s getting weary from the tight restrictions of her probation (random drug tests and having a curfew).  Simpson commends her for her hard work though, […]