6 thoughts

  1. You seem to disregard the fact that Katie’s oxycodone plot is still incomplete. I am pretty sure this episode will show a glimpse of her budding addiction in the the Katie Vs. Bianca “feud” plot.


  2. Bianca has her own troubles now she has to deal with Miss Jealous Katie thats is probably still addicted to pain pills. I can tell Katie is going to be high on drugs, gets jiggy with a strange dude and Bianca is going to come to the rescue. If I was Bianca I would just stay away from Drew and go for Eli.


  3. can’t stand katie, she became the opposite of what her character was introduced as “no drama” like Kary said, degrassi men always ruin strong female characters,lol i feel like the writers don’t know what t odo with her, didn’t she have bulimia at some point for like an episode now she’s a drug fiend? smh, oh well we’llhave to see how this story goes


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