[3/10/16] It’s really funny that in Adamo’s latest vlog he brought up the fact he’s going to a concert by himself. This week I bought tickets to see The 1975 this summer, but the problem is I don’t know any fellow fans in real life…the ones I know are all internet friends who live way out of state. I don’t wanna just drag someone to the show who won’t be as excited as I am, so there’s a solid 98% chance I’ll be going by myself.

And that’s okay! So it’s totally fine that Adamo will be chillin’ at the Shawn Mendes concert by himself..except now after getting ditched Krista’s the one needing stitches.:-p

Watch the latest vlog for Shawn Mendes talk, and check out The Dot TV on twitter for a sneak peek at a new series they’re filming.

Posted by Kary

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