Actor Shannon Kook is known for his roles in TV (Degrassi) and film (The Conjuring), but his latest project also has him taking on the role of Producer as well.


Kook has joined the team for Goliath, a film about a family coming together at a funeral and the tensions that arise when family secrets are revealed. On top of being a Producer for the film, Kook is also playing the role of a character named Dylan.

According to the film’s director, Luke Villemaire, portraying characters with mental illness in a positive light is a key aspect of the film.

Also, the vibe you’ll get from this film’s Indiegogo page is that behind the scenes they’re really focused on using this film to display the talents of young Canadians in the industry. To see the drive these students have and what they’ve accomplished so far in the creation of this feature film (already having secured tens of thousands in funding) is incredible.

They’re still in need of funding to cover production costs, and you can donate here.

Below you can watch Shannon Kook talk more about the film and the importance of helping grow Canadian talent in the industry.

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