It’d been quite a while since the team at Epitome Pictures could take the stage at the DGC Awards, but in 2015 there was no way they were going to lose.

No seriously, it was statistically impossible for them to lose this year, seeing as how they locked up all four nominations in the Best Television Series: Family category.  The nominated episodes included:

*Degrassi ep 1405: There’s Your Trouble (directed by RT!)
*Degrassi ep 1411: Firestarter, Pt. 1 (Stefan Brogren)
*Degrassi ep 1418: Give Me One Reason (Eleanore Lindo)
*Open Heart ep 101: Last Things First (Stefan Brogren)

Open Heart took the award this year, ending a seven-year drought for Epitome.  Degrassi last won this category in 2008 with the episode Pass The Dutchie, before losing six consecutive awards to the series, Heartland.

Now…can someone mail this award to the networks and tell them to stop playing around? #BringBackOpenHeart

Stefan accepted the award…you can watch his speech below.

Posted by Kary

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