[11/11/15] The series’ companion app was named winner of the Interactive Content – Kids category on Tuesday.

We’ve joined that very illustrious of Canadian shows that have been canceled and then start to win all of the awards during that time,” Director Stefan Brogren said when the show won best family series at the Directors Guild of Canada Awards in October.

The Digi Awards recognize the best of the best in Canadian digital media, and despite the show’s future having been up in the air for a frustratingly-long period of time, Open Heart is still showing it has made an impact in the industry.

Epitome Pictures has always been ahead of the curve in the digital world, and took another leap forward with the creation of the Open Heart: Unlocked app.  The app served not only as a prequel (i.e. you could listen voicemails and watch videos leading up to the main story), but it also mirrored main character Dylan Blake’s actual phone during the series.  Mimicking popular social media websites like Tumblr and Snapchat, fans accessing the app could get a look into Dylan’s life, as well as read her text message conversations with other characters.

The app’s most-ambitious feature was called “Open Heart Live,” which synced the app to the live broadcasts; as Dylan received messages during the episodes, you would receive them on your phone as well.

Open Heart is available on iTunes, and fans in Canada can watch the series on Youtube.

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