Degrassi is no stranger to controversy and complaints from the more conservative groups out there. In Season 1, people lost their damn minds over this promo for #NotAllMen, because a white guy getting confronted by a Muslim feminist is apparently their worst nightmare:

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

In season 2, people couldn’t handle (or understand for that matter) Frankie’s racism storyline.

So just looking at the episode descriptions for Season 3, one knew people were headed toward a nuclear meltdown. Abortions? Safe spaces?!? Syrian refugees?!?!?!?! This progressive cesspool known as Degrassi must be stopped!!

Bustle put together a list they call What ‘Degrassi: Next Class’ Gets Right About Social Issues That The GOP Can’t.

Though Degrassi takes place in Canada and therefore the connection to U.S. politics likely isn’t intentional, its messages still resonate,” the article says. Degrassi has shifted from not just doing what’s considered the standard ‘teen issues,’ but also focusing on social issues in relation to teenagers. However, their core message remains the same:


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  1. It’s eerie how timely this season is.



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