UPDATE: Holiday Joy is actually airing on 12/8 at 3pm ET on Freeform, not 8pm. You might have to DVR this one if you wanna catch the premiere!

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Kiss and Cry Trailer

Sarah Fisher and Luke Bilyk star in this film based on the life of figure skater and singer Carley Allison, who was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Luke Bilyk In “Holiday Joy”

If you have Freeform through your service provider, you can watch the movie now on Freeform’s site or by downloading the Freeform app. The movie will air on Freeform this Thursday, December 8 at 3pm ET.

Richard Walters in “Lost & Found Music Studios”


Richard makes a few appearances throughout Season 2 of this series, which is streaming now on Netflix. This show is a spin-off of the successful Canadian series The Next Step; Lost & Found follows a bunch teens a part of an after-school music program. I watched a few episodes and for comparison’s sakes it’s a G-rated version of Degrassi…if Degrassi let their actors (most of whom are musically inclined in real life) sing and perform in every episode.

Richard in Season 2, Ep 6: "How Far We've Come"

Richard in Season 2, Ep 6: “How Far We’ve Come”

Another interesting thing is this show seems to have the same format as Degrassi on Netflix, where the show produces 20-some episodes, Netflix splits them up and releases them as two separate “seasons.”

Amanda Arcuri Interview


Amanda talks fashion and Degrassi in this interview with fashion footwear boutique DUET.

Kary’s Interview


I talk all sorts of Degrassi things in this interview I did with Geek Girl Authority.

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  1. Holiday Joy according to my cable guide premieres at 3PM ESTon Freeform which is awkward for a holiday movie premiere though it does prevent DVR conflict so….



    1. I think I got confused and thought it said 8pm, because like you said 3pm sounds very weird for a movie premiere on a weekday.



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