Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

It’s been a while since Stefan has trolled us on Twitter, but boy did he last night! The Degrassi director revealed that he’s watched the trailers for Degrassi: Next Class Season 3.

Note that he’s referring to having watched multiple trailers.

We’re still under the assumption that DNC: Season 3 will be released in January 2017, and if that’s the case we can expect the trailers to be released in the coming weeks. Here’s a refresher of some of the info we have about the new season:

*Two new characters will be introduced…Rasha and Saad.
*Degrassi will tackle the Syrian refugee crisis
*Another MAJOR storyline is happening (SPOILERS HERE)
*Episode titles: 301 (#BreakTheInternet) and 310 (#ImSleep)

And of course Degrassi will deal with the aftermath of the bus crash at the end of Season 2. A death is possible, but isn’t necessarily guaranteed, especially in 301.

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