It was a rainy day on set, but that didn’t stop the Degrassi crew from having fun!

Director of Photography Mitch and Script Supervisor Nancy did a little Periscoping while on set today.  They weren’t allowed to reveal what they’re filming, but we get a look at what the crew does behind the cameras.

A few things you’ll gather from the videos:

*They’re filming a scene in “public”
*Aisha Alfa (Ms. Grell) is on set…good to see she’s still around
*Will there be blood…???

Nancy script supervisor on Degrassi

Dual Periscope: Nancy’s POV

Dual Periscope: Mitch’s POV

Posted by Kary


  1. Kinda interesting they was calling it season 15 but I tho it was season 1 of a brand new series



    1. I think it’s because they’ve been on the set for awhile, so it doesn’t feel like a Season 1 to them. Especially because this series is a continuation of Degrassi: The Next Generation/Degrassi.



    2. Right after TeenNick announced that they were cancelling Degrassi, the fandom found tons of proof that the show was still going ahead from casting calls to crew lists, all for Season 15. So it’s a lot more ingrained in their brains. It will be Netflix and Family Channel’s jobs to promote it as Season 1 because the fans will already be on board and newbies won’t be scared away by thinking that there are fourteen years of content to catch up on.



  2. This is so cute. The accents are so endearing and they’re having fun. Degrassi wasn’t kidding when they said that they wanted to move along with the times. I’m glad that it’s up on YouTube and yay for the return of Ms. Grell because that probably means more Rubber Room fun and maybe even more Rubber Room characters.



  3. At the end of the first video (5:14), you can hear Nancy, the Script Supervisor, say “The other sides will pick their own” in a manner that seems like she was correcting a character’s line. Could this be the first piece of material we see from Next Class? Sounds like something in the Zig/Tiny vein plot-wise.



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