Back when TeenNick was filming stuff for it’s Degrassi special, Epitome’s digital team was also filming a web series featuring loads of Degrassi cast members and hosted by Adamo Ruggiero.

Adamo will sit down one-on-one with the past and present cast members for the ultimate Degrassi reunion.  The debut of these interviews is TBA.

I love what Degrassi did in terms of bonus content during the last hiatus (webisodes, DTV), and I’m glad they’re continuing to step up their game.  I’ve said it for forever…no media outlet will ever promote Degrassi better than Degrassi can, and one will ever be in a better position to generate content than them.

Posted by Kary


  1. So down with this! I’m a sucker for behind the scenes stuff!



  2. That was so wonderful of Epitome to give us this special as we trudge our way through another hiatus. Paula hinted that there was going to be a web series when she posted a pic with Adamo on her IG, but I thought it was a joke after believing it on the spot.



  3. The Teen Nick special was disappointing, so this is good news. If only the cast members who weren’t present for the Teen Nick special were involved too. We need more insight on JT’s death and Manny’s abortion, topics that really should have discussed on the original special.



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