I Wanna Be Adored will air Monday, July 27th on TeenNick and MTV Canada

Clare’s been absent from prom committee meetings, and Alli is starting to get worried. Something is up with her best friend, but somehow Alli isn’t in the loop this time. Zig needs somewhere to go, seeing as his mom isn’t ready to take him back just yet. Tiny and his brother Vince take Zig in, but Zig is unprepared for the lifestyle adjustment. Tristan is trying online dating, but his profile isn’t getting much action. After some “adjustments”, he catches the attention of a handsome suitor. The only problem is Tristan is nothing like his new profile.

Posted by Kary


  1. Clare going to be recovering from labor and the lose of her baby..

    Tris what are you doing?

    Zig, i feel scared for you.



  2. Why do I get this bad feeling Clare will be hit with emotional distress in the remainder of the finale.. Its not all about being depressed, her emotions and moods keep changing. I just feel thats she needs time for herself after prom and graduation and Eli may not like that… I just feel Eli and Clare might have to let each other go in the finale. This part of the season seems to be that.. As in closure… Lots of closure for many characters. I’m surprised Clare didn’t blame Eli or herself.



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