1) Frankie Hollingsworth (PREVIOUS RANK: #1)

2) Zig Novak ()

3) Clare Edwards (#5)
Clare’s final storyline begins.  How will she handle the loss of her child?

4) Becky Baker (#7)
Becky’s storyline was entertaining as we see her start to break out of her naive shell and develop a mind of her own.

5) Maya Matlin  (#3)

6) Imogen Moreno ()

7) Eli Goldsworthy (#8)

8) Zoë Rivas (#4)

9) Lola Pacini ()

10) Tiny King ()

11) Miles Hollingsworth ()

12) Grace Cardinal ()

13) Jack ()

14)  Hunter Hollingsworth ()

15) Jonah Haak (#19)
Kudos to Jonah for sticking to his guns.  The fact he also seems to be hiding his past finally makes him intriguing.

16) Alli Bhandari (#15)

17) Mike Dallas (#18)

18) Tristan Milligan (#21

19) Drew Torres (#16)
Oh Drew, how the mighty have fallen.

20) Winston Chu (#17)

21) Shay Powers (#20)

22) Connor DeLaurier (#24)
I just calculate the risk and act accordingly.” AND THE PLOT THICKENS AS CONNOR MOVES UP THE LADDER…

23) Jenna Middleton (#22)

24) Arlene Takahashi (#23)




Posted by Kary


  1. It’s like Connor, Alli, and Jenna don’t really have anything to do in 14B.



    1. I’m glad that Alli hasn’t been given much to do. She had a lot of screentime in Season 13. That’s the way it should be with all of the characters: if they get a lot of screentime in one season, then they should get less the following season. There’s absolutely no excuse for the lack of Connor and Jenna, though. The big problem is that all of the subplots keep going to characters who already have a lot of A-plots this season.



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