Usually there aren’t very many drastic moves from episode to episode.  However, because the show somewhat resets itself after every block and the fact we’re covering two episodes here, there’s lots of characters jumping around from 1412.

Just a reminder to those who might be new to this: the rankings aren’t based purely on the idea, “who’s your favorite?” There’s multiple factors involved, one of the biggest being who’s involved in the episodes and what the characters are doing.  For example, Zoë behaved like a jackass for a majority of 14A, but the amount of actual power she commanded throughout the block as the Degrassi Nudes mastermind was insane, hence the reason she spent so much time at the top.  On the other hand, Connor, one of my favorite characters, has spent all of his time at the bottom because he’s barely appeared this season.

1) Zig Novak (PREVIOUS RANK: #7)
The gang plot has immediately become the top plot for me in 14B.  I love the internal struggle Zig is feeling toward Tiny’s situation.  Now it’s become even more personal with a rival gang hitting Maya’s home.  It’s a sad, complicated, but compelling story as we’ll slowly watch Zig get dragged backinto gang life.

2) Zoë Rivas (#4)
There wasn’t a clear-cut #2, but out of all the people near the top Zoë seemed to fit here the best.  Not sure how many people noticed, but it was actually interesting watching a female bully take on a male bully.  Damon towers over Zoë physically.  Homeboy looked like he wanted to seriously punch/strangle Zoë, and she didn’t bat an eye.

3) Clare Edwards (—)

4) Frankie Hollingsworth (#2)

5) Maya Matlin  (#6)

6) Becky Baker (#15)

7) Eli Goldsworthy (#9)

8) Tiny King (#17)
Getting stabbed will get you in the top 10.  Tiny’s confirmed as main character in Degrassi: Next Class, but I wasn’t expecting them to throw his character into such a serious (and big) situation so soon in 14B.

9) Jack (#13)
Jack and Imogen were amusing support characters for Becky in this episode.

10) Imogen Moreno (#19)
See #9.

11) Grace Cardinal (–)

12) Lola Pacini (#18)
They gave Shay some random stuff to do in 14A, so now it looks like they’re doing the same for Lola in 14B.

13) Miles Hollingsworth (#1)

14) Alli Bhandari (#10)

15) Drew Torres (#12)
He was a jerk in this episode.

16) Winston Chu (#8)
See #15.

17) Hunter Hollingsworth (#5)

18) Mike Dallas (#16)

19) Jonah Haak (#22)

20) Tristan Milligan (–)

21) Shay Powers (#14)

22) Jenna Middleton (#21)

23) Arlene Takahashi (—)

24) Connor DeLaurier (—)
Connor will be valedictorian, so at least we know he won’t be here for all of 14B.

Posted by Kary


  1. Tristan deserves a better ranking based on that shocking dye job on his hair.



  2. I feel like Damon deserves to be this more than most of the “main” cast in the current ranking



  3. I was actually shocked by how good Ready or Not was. Zig is wonderful. But wait, my one problem with this episode, is… Grace…wtf, why is she putting it all on Zig to stop a gang war? Ooh, someone could die? Yep, that’s what happens with gangs, that’s why Ziggy went through so much trouble to get out of one. He shouldn’t feel like this is his responsibility, he’s not some miracle worker.
    As for Watch Out Now… I just can’t get over how Zoe is always screwing up everything and never learns when to shut up. Yeah, take on Damon, that’s great- but quit while you’re ahead instead of continuously running your mouth, damn it!! Now Zig is suffering for trying to get her out of trouble- trouble that was really caused by her, since Damon wouldn’t have had shit to say to her if she hadn’t started that ridiculous nudie business in the first place… That girl is toxic.



  4. I too was very impressed by the premiere! I always enjoy degrassi but this season has a fresh and exciting feel to it. Like everything that they have been building up is slowing starting to appear as a main plot I enjoy it a lot. Especially Zig’s plot has me anxious and excited. Not only the whole gang aspect but also his very very slow build up with Maya is finally paying off! I loved their friendship the last couple seasons and at the same time couldn’t stand Zig until season 13b. Maya and Zig just feel so incredibly right together. As a hardcore eclare fan it also made me happy to see those two together. Hard to believe how much I liked Miles and Maya, I now 100% believe in Zaya. Can’t wait for those to be together. Are they going to be on Degrassi: Next Class? I really don’t want Zig and Zoe together I don’t think they’re good with one another…



  5. If the writers don’t want to use certain characters, then they should just write them off. It only takes a single sentence to explain a character’s whereabouts if they can’t be bothered to write an exit episode. That way, the fans (and possibly the actors who portray these characters) won’t get their hopes up. They should have just had Connor graduate a semester early or something.

    Tiny’s role surprised me. I expected him to be nothing more than a supporting player in this storyline. Good job, writers!



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