Society as a whole is plugged in digitally now more than ever, but not much has changed in terms of the types of people inhabiting the online universe.  Social media dominates web, but back when I was a teenager and in college message boards and chat apps (AOL Instant Messenger) were where it’s at.

Like me, there’s a lot of people who have and do rely on the online world to fill a void in our real lives, whether it’s a lack of activities or feeling as if you have no close relationships (outside of maybe family, etc).  Just tracking my own behavior over the years, I used to be able to hang out online and chat the night away with others every day.  Now, with a life schedule that takes up more time than ever, I don’t really talk to anyone online outside of generic interactions on twitter, and I no longer have that pressing desire in my head that’s screaming “I need to be online every chance I can get to see what’s going on.”

Everyone is using something as some kind of escape from their real world woes.  But like everything else in life, there has to be some kind of balance so you don’t allow yourself to be so consumed by it.

One thing that sort of got brushed over in the video is how people behave online.  There can be a HUGE difference in how people behave on social media as opposed to real life.  For me, I’m way more outgoing on twitter than I am in person; anyone who’s ever met me knows I don’t talk very much.  But there’s a lot of people out there who see the internet as a place with zero consequences, and will say/do the most ignorant and hateful things simply because they can.  It used to be where anyone could say anything they want anonymously, but go to any media outlet’s Facebook page; people, grown-ass adults, have no shame in being hateful and ignorant even with their name and picture attached to their comments!


This will probably go through one ear and out the other of this generation, but it’s kind of important to think before you post online; hell, it’s important to think before you speak in life, period.  It doesn’t matter how many privacy settings you have or whether it’s your “fandom” account and not your “personal” one, we’re living in times where none of that matters and your behavior, even in real life, can go viral in the blink of an eye. Do you really want your past foolishness coming back to bite you in the ass?

I’m not sure what happened with the I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being employed and earning this green stuff they call money.  Here’s a few examples of people losing their jobs because of something they did online or behavior that went viral and lead to them getting fired:

*Food Worker Fired After Praising Death of Two Cops

*Ohio Sheriff’s Deputy Fired Over Racist Tweets Comparing Baltimore Protestors to “Planet of the Apes”

*Former Rockets social media manager who was fired over tweet just wanted to ‘agitage Mavs fans’

*Reynoldsburg Officer Fired Over Racists Facebook Posts

*Daycare Teacher Fired Over Facebook Post About Children

*Toronto FC Fan Fired From Job After Heckling Reporter Over “F*** her right in the p****” Prank

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  1. Those type of tweets will get people fired. Think before you tweet or post things, you never know who is watching and reading.



  2. When the topic was first released, I was hoping they would talk about how it was important for high school boys to know just because they have a girlfriend, it doesn’t make them entitled to her nudes by default. I wasn’t expecting “which emoji are your faves”. Thanks for this insightful article. I’m also an older member of the fandom. I was quite the hermit for most of my student life, so message boards definitely helped me become an interactive member of society.

    Thanks for stressing the importance of common courtesy online and especially the practice of thinking before you post. It’s a concept that goes over the heads of far too many.



    1. You too? I was quiet in high school. I was the 1st one in class 1st one out. They called me “The Blur”. I hated school. I just let everything out when I got home. Saying how I hated people. I find that talking to myself is better

      Than posting it. I knew to stay close to the teachers. I had 2 friends for 4 years. My school made Degrassi look like heaven.

      As for the relationship thing… It depends. People sex each other all the time. I dont need to see V pics! Especially when I’m eating! When my GF did that I showed it to her mom & told her I didn’t like it. Yeah I got my GF wooped

      My ass:( but I did the right thing. I love how Zoe spoke about it. But I didn’t believe it! She only said that out of guilt. Being guilty isn’t enough. That’s not from the heart but from the bowels.

      An LOL at Dallas. He can’t talk! He looked at DN pics too. Bet he regrets it now.

      My mom always told me watch what you put online. But I have secret identities and untraceable stuff. I got 3 YT accounts in 3 different cities. All I do is download music

      , covers, cartoons, videos an that’s it. I dont do porn. Its nasty. My GF acted like Zoe by sending me stuff. I just send it to her mom. Long story short: 15 body, 12 braless, & 18 V pics later I got a brick through my window, a busted

      Up Zagato, and lost 2 teeth. Good thing schools block bad sites.



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