What did you think of Eli’s reaction to finding out he is the father in Firestarter Part 2? We know that Clare didn’t forgive him or take him back.

– Degrassi Parodies

I think Eli reacted the way that I expected for him to react once he found out the baby was his.  I knew that the moment he learned he was the father, he would quickly change his tune and immediately step in and want to support Clare and the baby.  From Clare’s POV she needed some proof from Eli that he’s capable of handling the responsibility of parenthood like an adult, and him offering him up his paycheck, etc. was a start.  Clare also realizes this isn’t something she should be trying and do on her own, especially when people around her are offering to help her. And it’s better if Eli is in the baby’s life as long as he isn’t acting like a fool.



Kary, I love “Nashville” too. …..Why don’t you start reviewing and recapping “Open Heart?” It’s very good. Kind of a “Degrassi’ meets “Veronica Mars.”


Over the past couple of seasons I’ve come to embrace when Degrassi goes on hiatus.  As I get older I realize sometimes it’s good to take a break from things as opposed to being hardcore about it 24/7/365.  When Degrassi is over I take that time to relax on Tuesdays, and by the time the hiatus is over I’m excited for the new block to start again.

I really, really want to review Open Heart, however, I ultimately decided against doing so.  One reason goes back to the Degrassi hiatus…forcing myself to take time off from reviewing as my daily workload in the real world increases.  But the main reason I’m not reviewing Open Heart is because I wanted to watch this series as a casual viewer.  With Degrassi, I’m so immersed in the show and thinking about it from an analytical perspective that just watching an episode doesn’t happen.  There’s reviews, promos and the like that have to be posted, and I’m thinking about Degrassi probably far deeper than I should.  I want to watch a show produced by Epitome where I can watch the episode, play with the app here and there, then go about my day…the same thing that I do for like 95% of the other TV shows I watch.  I’ve gotta say…watching Open Heart casually and just allowing yourself to get caught up in the mystery without knowing everything and trying to solve things in 2 seconds is an interesting experience.  And I’m glad to see Epitome’s digital squad is back in full form with the return of Google+ Hangouts and the supplemental Open Heart app.


What do you think the plots of the 2 hour Season 14 finale special will be?


Honestly I have no clue…maybe something involving this?




I hope they keep info on those final four episodes on lockdown for as long as possible.  Degrassi fans are so funny…we complain about the show being predictable, then we’ll turn around and demand to see every promo/episode title/plot right now so that we can spend every second analyzing them into the ground.  It’s okay to not know everything months in advance!

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  1. As long Eli doesn’t act like a fool.. lmao. Well thats going to be a hard one.. I hope they do have a better lid on the 4 part finale.



  2. It’s obvious which characters the season finale will revolve around. This has only been going on since Season 10. And of course, all of the other graduating characters will be lost in the shuffle and their departures will be completely glossed over (except for possibly Drew, who is another creator’s pet).




    1. Yes too “#TeamConnorForValedictorian!” He deserves it!!!. i hope he does go to Cal Tech and take his love Jenna with him. These two are the only couple this season that deserves true happiness.



      1. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, because I’m 99.999999% sure that the annoying Mary Sue will get it. It’s the least the writers can do though, since they wasted all of Connor’s storyline potential for so many years and it’s perfectly believable that he would be first in the class. This isn’t another Fiona situation.


  3. OMG!! where did you find these photos?!?!? :-) so excited although I’m gonna miss my #minorniners Clare, Alli, Connor, Jenna …..and of course Drew, Eli, Imogen, Becky, and Dallas :( I still can’t believe that they finished filming the season 14 finale in August and that its their last season :( I was so attached to them… after they leave I might not watch anymore..oh well we’ll see



  4. How did Mr. Simpson get the nickname Snake?



  5. Snake got the nickname back when he was a kid on degrassi back on the 80s.



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