NOTE: MTV released the first two webisodes on Tuesday night, but they’re geoblocked for American fans (unless you’re smart enough to know how to work around it). I’m sure someone will post copies of the minis on tumblr or something, but Degrassi plans to post the webisodes on their youtube channel on Wednesday, February 4th.

Also, I’m assuming this will happen every week since MTV will want to drive as much Canadian traffic to its site as possible on Tuesday nights, and Degrassi posting a YT link simultaneously could detract from that.


A cute and fluffy clue in this mystery!


FOR Canadian Fans…
Part 1: Miles –>

Part 2: Jack –>


Posted by Kary


  1. These are actually pretty awesome. A nice way to weave characters that wouldn’t be seen togethers in a fun little storyline.

    Still disturbed at the amount of shirtlessness though.



  2. I was expecting them to be longer, but I like that its connecting people and probably gonna set some things up for the next half of the season.



  3. Thank you for posting the international version for us Americans!



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