This week’s rankings are kind of quiet, which is what happens when a majority of the show’s primary players aren’t really involved in an episode.


1) Frankie Hollingsworth (Last Week: #1)

2) Zoë Rivas (#3)
I still maintain that it’s not unrealistic at this current point in time if Zoë avoided major repercussions for Degrassi Nudes. Keep in mind I won’t think that’s the case once Simpson becomes involved.  I still love the dynamic of her character:  she can be jealous and vindictive, but she also shows moments of being just like everyone else…she just wants to be accepted.

3) Maya Matlin  (#2)

4) Grace Cardinal ()

5) Zig Novak (–)

6) Clare Edwards ()

7) Miles Hollingsworth (#8)

8) Becky Baker (#7)

9) Drew Torres ()
Never take love advice from Drew Torres.

10) Hunter Hollingsworth ()

11) Alli Bhandari (#14)
Excellent smackdown from Alli in regards to Dallas’ expectations of sex.  It’s as if she’s finally learned something!

12) Mike Dallas (#13)
He was WAYYYYYY off base with his sexual expectations, but just looking at the overall situation from his point of view I get the general panic he was in at the thought of losing his dream girl.  Also, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that his sudden freakout caused him to completely overlook the most important thing:  he could’ve TALKED to Alli as opposed to assuming from the beginning that things were as good as over between him and Alli. 

13) Eli Goldsworthy (#11)

14)  Winston Chu (#12)

15) Shay Powers (#16)
Her presence in the gym scenes was an awesomely subtle way to establish her character outside of power cheer. 

16) Tristan Milligan (#19)
Tristan has been pretty useless in season 14.  The problem with his character now is without him receiving any character development throughout this period where his boyfriend is nearing a breaking point, we either see Tristan handcuffed to Miles like a lost puppy or him being a jackass toward Maya.  It really would’ve been nice to see a bit more of Tristan’s POV throughout all of this, besides the default knowledge that he’s desperate for love. At this point it’s hard to care about his level of concern for Miles when Maya’s plot is killing it.

17) Lola Pacini (#21)
A smooth piece of writing by Degrassi in regards to Lola’s inability to keep a secret.  Her bubbly, slightly ditzy persona complements the more serious Shay.

18) Imogen Moreno (#15)

19) Jack (#17)

20) Tiny King (#18)

21) Connor DeLaurier (#23)
Oh hey there, nice of you to join us!


22) Jenna Middleton (#24)
See #21.

23) Arlene Takahashi (#20)

24) Jonah Haak (#22)

Posted by Kary


  1. Its a shame that they are using Eli as a plot device again… As for Dallas freaking out that was really weird. As for Drew I would love to go to a water park, TBH I really don’t care for nush romantic stuff unless I want sex from my man. Amusement parks can bring fun in a relationship for many people. Also Alli knows that Dallas isn’t Don Juan. lol

    That Taking Doll freaked me out I think the blackmailer is someone Zoe knows but Its not the Hollingsworth kids nor Winston. I have a feeling its Grace & Zig or its Jack.. Grace is a Hacker she can put that locater anywhere. I doubt its Becky.. Triles I have no feels for so idk.



    1. Oh the Eli thing has nothing to do with this EP.. I just feel hes a plot device.



    2. the chip is coming from the house but everyone forgot hunter. anther key is look at the laptops that Hunter & Grace have. they both have Alienware laptops that cost $1500. an Grace has 2 of them? wow. how did her parents get her those. but the doll is a guy. I don’t think Chewie knows an if he does he is playing it cool. I see Hunter to stick up for his sister. with the Life Can Change

      Forever thing Hunter isn’t in the Zoe thing. Grace doesn’t care. she doesn’t show emotion around Zoe not even a smile. the locater chip might come from the cell phone. but idk why she didn’t just try to find where in the house it is since a program could zoom like google maps. I think in f2 the person comes up to er after she gets in trouble. I say that the principle finds out at the end of the

      HV episode. since he is in the beginning as a key character. but either something comes on the site wit a Zoe pic (I hope the nude 1 from the 2nd episode) & something simple like “Zoe made Degrassi Nudes or something like that. or what I would love just as much would be Frankie telling since she has a personal experience. but once he finds out he will know its the squad.

      this can stop her from competing. this fire will stop the girls & anyone from winning. I think she will be in his office plus getting expelled is good enough. suspension isn’t good plus detention after class is too easy. since the site has the schools name & group in it that’s enough. doing that let anyone anything with nudes is instant expelled. after that the person comes 4th & if they still

      want to they send the pic n stuff through text or site in the end. then f2 = her final scenes. the girls find out she’s expelled. the person comes 4th. an maybe end it with her saying bye to the girls before she walks away. we could see a few texts between the last 3 episodes. maybe with them threatening to tell Simpson. I wonder where Ana will go afterwards.



      1. the doll is not necessarily a guy, it sounds like it was put through a voice scramble machine and that can lower a girl’s voice


  2. Good work there. Connor looms older than Dallas. But Simpson finding out is as epic as Hydra coming out in the open. He is in the opener of the episode so based on past experiences I think he will be in the end. Its just a matter of how he finds out Zoe did this. Either her picture an info comes up

    Online or Frankie comes up. That would be a big step for her. I think instead of just not ignoring it she should step up. Save the girls. Cus after the site goes public Zoe’s threat is void. Its just the matter of how he finds out. But if he finds out at the end it stops her from competing. She deserves 1st or 3rd

    Plots so we can see longer scenes. This fire is going to take the focus away from her. But it looks like no one wins anyways. An I can’t wait to see what Zoe does in this. I’m sure she gets a text there. But F1 she needs to get busted. I know people on wikia say she won’t get kicked out but the nude

    Thing with the schools name on it is enough. An when he finds out she is the cause… Instant removal. Getting suspended isn’t enough. Cus it would be damn near impossible to come back in 14B knowing everyone knows what she did to the girls. They know how the site works an more. No one

    Will like her. She says she doesn’t want people to think of her badly an she loves the girls. When everyone finds out its her after Sim does they will be mad. Maybe at the end of F1 the person can send the pic anyways. Maybe they have her nude pic. That’s even better.

    In F2 this shod have Zoe after the punishment an the blackmailer comes up before the last commercial an tells her why they hurt her. I know it has to do with Frankie. An by this time she’s on her way out an she is powerless. Then no Zoe in 14B an I won’t mind waiting a long time.



  3. I agree with your thoughts on Shay, I had no feelings about her and now I’m so excited to see more from her. I love her tone and delivery! I thought she was gonna jump a few more spots (at least above Winston ) unless you think that doll voice was Winston which I guess may revealed tonight.



    1. I didn’t see Dallas paying attention. he was just talking. if Shay kissed him it would be a surprise to him. she wants to be like him. but its just a fad. like in 13C when Frankie made out with Connor. as for the doll voice.. that’s a guys voice that’s poorly recorded. in Life Can Change Forever Frankie & Chewie are the only 2 in that. i’m just happy that Sim may find out in 2 weeks in the end.

      if he does she will get expelled. i’m tired of people saying Ana’s not leaving. How would Zoe stay once he finds out? doing activity like that is worse then smoking & vandalizing property. she cant tell him she’s being blackmailed. I hope we see the person at work soon. maybe they will come up after Zoe gets in trouble & they will explain why the did it. but when Sim finds out a suspension/

      detention isn’t good enough, we might see her mom too. this fire will stop the girls from winning a ribbon or trophy. but this should stop her from going. I think it would be too hard to stay after EVRYONE finds out what she did to the girls. that would be too stressful for her.



  4. About the fire in firestarter, I could see zoe doing it to get back at the team and the school. Hunter not as much, because even as unstable as he. I think that hunter would not be willing to to risk is sister and the non cheerleaders in a revenge plot



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