1) Frankie Hollingsworth (Last Week: #1)
I’m loving how organic the interaction between the Hollingsworth siblings has become.  There’s bickering and tension, but at the end of the day we see Frankie showing love for her awkward brother by helping open the door for him to interact with his crush, Arlene.

2) Maya Matlin  (#8)
Maya’s arch is still emotional, but soon others will start noticing Miles’ troubling behavior.  I’ve said before there’s been no reason for Maya to mention Cam’s name throughout this multi-season character arch, because her actions have spoken far louder than words. And if you didn’t notice it in [You Drive Me] Crazy, it should be clear by now that for well over a season Degrassi’s been avoiding having Maya tell Miles about Cam on purpose.  That major reveal could wind up happening soon as others start to notice Miles’ downward spiral.

3) Zoë Rivas (#2)

4) Grace Cardinal (#5)

5) Zig Novak (#9)

6) Clare Edwards (#4)

7) Becky Baker (#3)

8) Miles Hollingsworth (#6

9) Drew Torres (#7)

10) Hunter Hollingsworth (#14)
We get an even more solid look at this kid; he’s a loner, and he’s got a lot of pent up anger toward the cheerleaders.  We see a lot of his hostility toward them is because of their treatment of Arlene, a kind of nerdy, quiet girl he likes.  While Hunter and Arlene might be the cute new ship fans gush over, there’s absolutely nothing cute or endearing about the disturbing way Hunter channels his anger through violent drawings about killing his fellow students.

11) Eli Goldsworthy ()

12) Winston Chu ()

13) Mike Dallas (#10)

14)  Alli Bhandari (#13)

15) Imogen Moreno (#18)
I have no emotional attachment to Jackogen, but I’ve been consistently impressed with what Degrassi’s had Imogen do when it comes to them.  We’ve seen Imogen try to impress Jack multiple times now, doing whatever Jack thinks is cool so that Jack will continue to like her.  Imogen was about to go along with Jack’s relationship request, until the reality of it (seeing Jack on a date) became too much.  How often do we find ourselves trying to do things to impress others or not honestly communicating our feelings for fear of rejection?

16) Shay Powers (#15)

17) Jack (#19)

18) Tiny King (#16)

19) Tristan Milligan ()

20) Arlene Takahashi (UNRANKED)
She basically just sat there quietly during her debut, but the situation surrounding Arlene (Hunter vs. the Cheerleaders) gives her an instant bump in value.  You could say 1406 showed her as someone who’s off in her own world, doing her own thing.  Her talking about being obsessed with something the “popular” kids aren’t into is quite the relatable position for those of us who spend a lot of time online.

21) Lola Pacini (–)

22) Jonah Haak (#20)

23) Connor DeLaurier (#22)

24) Jenna Middleton (#23)
So Connor and Jenna have to appear within the next episode or two, don’t they? They were on set around the time RT! was directing his episode block (which is airing now)…





Posted by Kary


  1. I really hope to see Connor and Jenna soon. It’s a shame that so many characters get nothing to work with during their last season. I understand that not everyone can be a lead character or get an A story, and I don’t necessarily want them all to, but Connor and Jenna could at least get some screen time. I mean, Jenna had a kid for god sakes! She would be a great supporting character in the drew/clare/eli drama, and Connor could provide some much needed comic relief in that area. Plus, they seem to be the most stable degrassi couple of all time. I would love to see how they are dealing with their impending graduation. Also, have they gotten any more physical? I have been hoping degrassi would explore that storyline more after Paris, but it seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. I have so many questions about their relationship!!! I would rather see more of them than Jackogen.



    1. “Also, have they gotten any more physical? I have been hoping degrassi would explore that storyline more after Paris, but it seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle”

      THIS! This has the potential to be a great storyline from Connor’s POV. For example, there have been storylines about girls having sex and regretting it later, but none with guys.

      It’s one thing when a character with little potential, such as Chantay, doesn’t get many plots. Some characters really aren’t meant for major storylines and are best as supporting. However, the writers ignoring characters with potential just because of their stupid biases is really unprofessional.



  2. As far as their contracts go, when they sign on for x amount of episodes does that include minor appearances? Do they write an entire block and decide how much an actor will make or is it based on experience and seniority? I am just wondering if Jessica makes more than say Olivia or Ana.



  3. The thing about Maya and Cam’s Name, is that Maya would never admit that’s what is bothering her. It makes complete sense for her not to say Cam’s name with all her crazy going on. It’d be tantamount to poking an aching scar.

    The fact that Zig or Tristan doesn’t bring it up is a different matter. Zig is probably between guilt and ‘not his place’ to explain it. He’s probably sure what’s going on, but this is Maya’s demon, not his. Tristan has spent this season (and the end of last season) pretending to be S11 Clare, so Maya’s mental health is too ‘pedestrian’ for him to bother with.

    Part of why I have been effectively unfond of Tristan this cycle of plots.



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