1) Frankie Hollingsworth (Last Week: #4)
It takes guts to do the right thing when everyone around you is doing the opposite.  Frankie did just that, and that’s why she’s now #1 in the rankings.  There’s going to be a lot of competition throughout this season for the top 3 spots, and Frankie could easily be bounced from this position as early as next week.  But she’s a good girl, and her arch leaves her in a position to be competitive.

2) Zoë Rivas ()
Last week I said Zoë would sit here until this week.  She’s still sitting here.  The complexity of her mindset and her character’s influence over an entire group of people is mindblowing.  I keep seeing people talk about how this Degrassi Nudes plot isn’t realistic, or that all of these young female characters should know what they’re doing is actually child pornography.  You know it.  I know it.  The characters know what they’re doing is wrong because of the dangers of posting nude pictures of yourself becoming public, and the shame/embarrassment that can come with it.  But I don’t buy that all of them would know what they’re doing is punishable by the law.  At that age, I don’t ever recall thinking that my fellow teenagers distributing nudes to other teenagers would be considered child porn.

As far as the realism of a nudes distribution scheme, it isn’t far fetched to believe it’s happening since Snapchat has now implemented an in-app payment feature.  Grace doesn’t care because she stays out of other people’s business. It’s admittedly weird that Jack seems all for it.  But at the same time, one could spin her willingness to partake as her eagerness to do whatever it takes to empower women (remember Zoë’s big speech the day they agreed to start doing it? It’s all about the women being in control).  The rest of the girls (Lola, Shay and the extras) are viewed as young and naive, afraid to go against Zoë because of the power and intimidation she wields as their captain.  Oh and just for fun, check out this news story about a Canadian teen who ran an underage prostitution ring.

3) Becky Baker (#9)
Often times people will just go through life carrying a heavy heart instead of confronting their feelings (the best example of this right now on Degrassi would obviously be Miles).  Good for Becky finally saying what needed to be said to her brother.

4) Clare Edwards (#3)

5) Grace Cardinal (#8)
She continues to prove that lots of development and screen time aren’t necessary for a character to be effectively awesome on this show.  It’s all about quality of their appearances that matters.  Now if only we could get Connor and Jenna to log some screen time sooner rather than later…

6) Miles Hollingsworth (#1

7) Drew Torres (

8) Maya Matlin  (#6)

9) Zig Novak (#5)

10) Mike Dallas ()

11) Eli Goldsworthy (#16)
Eli officially works at The Dot now, which means he’s going to become the new Spinner we can expect to see him more often.  It was a jerk move of him to punch Drew.  No, I don’t believe season 10 Eli is rearing his ugly head or that he’d ever go after Clare or the baby like that.  But what was important about that scene is that he admitted to Clare that he’s angry at her.

It doesn’t need to be pointed out that Eli cheating on Clare was wrong.  It’s a massive breach of trust, however, Clare hasn’t necessarily been forthcoming with the truth about Drew/the pregnancy/etc over the past several months with Eli.  Even in this episode her phone rang, and she lied to Eli about who it was for no reason.  When Eclare is on point, they can be magical.  But when their communication breaks down, it does so in the most catastrophic of ways possible.

12) Winston Chu (#11)

13) Alli Bhandari (#12)

14)  Hunter Hollingsworth (#13)

15) Shay Powers (#14)

16) Tiny King (#15)

17) Tristan Milligan ()

18) Imogen Moreno ()

19) Jack ()

20) Jonah Haak (Unranked)
His debut was nothing special, but we’re hoping he’ll become interesting as his arch with Becky progresses.

21) Lola Pacini (#20)

22) Connor DeLaurier (#21)

23) Jenna Middleton (#22)

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Spinner Mason for obvious reasons.



Posted by Kary


  1. It still amazes me that Clare is still scared to tell Eli things. (This is never good in a relationship) She didn’t need to lie about the phone call. she could have told Drew shes having lunch with Eli. Drew would have understood. The thing that bothers me is the way Eli acted. I know hes angry but damn. The other thing when Clare told Eli she was pregnant, Eli went on on saying why didn’t you tell me sooner, to me it sounded like Eli thought Clare was further along. Then she said it was Drew’s ..

    BTW I am letting you know the way Drew is acting is normal for first time dads, they get a little too obsessed. Like the woman is this fragile crystal. its gets more extreme when its closer to the due date. i have seen with many. of guy friends. The wives & girlfriends get a little annoyed with it.

    Zoe I can’t with right now, I understand but wow. Frankie was awesome and happy she walked out on something she can’t support. I am loving this girl.

    Becky is a mess, I feel shes just with Drew because shes alone. This I understand too. And Bravo for her to finally tell her brother what he did emotional broke her and their family. BTW did you see the way she looked at Jonah? Lots of Flirt in her eye.. I hope she doesn’t cheat.

    Sor far this season has been going there and nothing has been predictiable except for Eli reactions faced with the reality, Drew will be in Clare’s life forever and Eli can’t handle this. And I don’t blame him a bit.



    1. Drew is a Mitch but a good one:) Eli is like The Hulk he’s ALWAYS angry. he just hit Drew cus he cant hit a pregnant woman. if I were him i’d lay Clare out cold after the miscarriage. id be mad about the baby too, it would take bare tranquilizers to get me down.

      she should of listened to Frankie. how someone found out idk.. it takes someone very smart:) but after seeing the preview I learned a few things. 1. At the end of the plot I hope the person sends the nude pic & the info to the whole school. & 2. I wanted some boobs & cupcakes but where would I get some at 9:30 PM? now she’s going to Grace to get it shut down but that’s not teaching

      her a lesson. everything cant be deleted once it goes wrong.. if that was the case my 2 X girlfriends would of been deleted a long time ago. the lesson would be to send it anyways cus in the preview the pic is a clue. 1st the doll then the messages now the nude pic. she doesn’t deserve to get away free. if she goes down next week it will make her (hopefully) last episodes

      even more worth while I predict jail time should be soon or at least getting kicked out. I’ve been waiting for this forever. something that can make her go down. if this gets sent just imagine her look:) then the next preview next Wednesday will be better. I can see it now. maybe if she see’s the stuff on someone else’s phone it makes for more drama. an I know the principle & everyone

      else wouldn’t believe her if she says she didn’t send it but they wont get past the nude pic & what she did to the girls. best hope Maya & Miles don’t find out. an the best part is *drumroll* if & when she goes to jail it will be better cus Luke only went to juvie. but she goes directly to jail, don’t pass go.



    2. “I hope she doesn’t cheat.”

      It would be a nice dose of karma for Drew if she did…



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