Are the networks trying something new with Degrassi this holiday season?

Though none of them have made an official announcement, signs point to Degrassi running new episodes through December 30th.  Yes, that means we’d be getting new Degrassi the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s.

The rule of thumb for most of Degrassi’s seasons has been that they wrap up the fall block at the end of November, or in December sometime before the week of Christmas.  That’s why it was safe to assume Degrassi would end the fall block with episode 1407 (I’ll Be Missing You) on December 9th.

However, The Futon Critic has listed TeenNick’s schedule as running episodes through 1410 (Hero, vs Villian), which airs on December 30th.  Zap2It has also listed episodes through 1410, which they wouldn’t do if there were a hiatus.

The most telling info comes from MTV Canada’s most recent press release, which details the network’s broadcast plans for the holidays.  They list all of the premieres, finales and special events (marathons), but there’s no mention of a Degrassi fall finale.  MTV’s airing a Degrassi marathon of 1401-1409 on December 30th, which ends at 9pm.  No one’s going to tell you until the last minute, but it sounds like Degrassi won’t have a winter hiatus over the holidays and will just straight up continue broadcasting episodes into January 2015.

Posted by Kary


  1. Kary,
    Things have changed a bit this series considering the upcoming passing of the torch for this show. We would call it burning off the episodes, but I think there’s more to it than that. I can’t recall what the date is when the switch occurs, but obviously Stohn’s focus is now firmly with Open Heart. I imagine the legalese spells out specifically who minds the store till this series ends, but in these situations things are always a bit fuzzy.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the trades to hear what, if anything, is happening for a possible continuation of the show. Just have to wait and see I guess….



  2. They finished filming season 14 months ago, right? may as well run through them. I wonder if this means the show is ending (as we know it at least) and/or rebooting.



    1. i find it funny when ppl say degrassi needs to reboot again.. the show rebooted in season 10 and from then on s10-14 have been the best the show has everrrrr been. degrassi has been going down a great path i dont see what needs to be rebooted.. but next year the show is BOUND to feel like a reboot with all seniors leaving and frankly im very excited. its going to feel so fresh and new. especially since these sophmores are degrassi’s BEST CLASS SO FAR. and clares class falls flat.. the only thing that saved clares class was the reboot!! mayas class has been good the whole time!! =D



      1. The only way to make the show better is to get read of any access baggage. IE: Zoe. she started out odd, got worse, then ended up good up until the very end of the Thuderstruck finale. by bad I mean when she said she blames Miles for all her drama. he cant be blamed for that. but since she has Antisocial Personality Disorder I can see why. she reminds me of

        Grant Ward from A.O.S. they both have things in common, they are both Hydra and they both lie and deceive people and they always seem to find some people STUPID enough to believe them. & When someone doesn’t get brainwashed they try to take them out. it also depends on what Firestarter is about. I see Zigs gang boss coming to set the place on fire.

        a shame too since it just got redone. I don’t pay attention to Clare, I think of her as a guy begging for money.. just ignore them. but after cutting Frankie lose I know Frankie will snitch, that’s how her BF fiends out. I got a hint after they were pared together in the 4th EP. and it also depends on the legal trouble. if Zoe does anything that will be the 2nd time

        it happens in 1 year.. 2 trials or whatever. but based on the fact that she brainwashed Jack (poor dumbass).. they are still takin boob pics. so when the principle finds out shit gone go down. no one wants to see Zoe go down more than me. I will really throw a Miles like house party when she goes down.

        I hope the Miles thing is over soon cus I am sick of Maya! she is like a little kid. she better stop before she loses Tristan. but it looks like Zig dates her soon. there is the new girl who we haven’t seen yet who gets picked on by Zoe’s minions. I want Becky to step up to Zoe before she leaves. cus Zoe is my fave TV villain. i’m surprised we haven’t seen any Hydra

        stuff with her cus I can so see her in it. The finale will be epic next year. good thing she cant be the captain during her 11th grade year.. if she doesn’t get held back, that’s a good punishment. last year I said id never watch the show now I love it…


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