This show COMPLETELY sucks!! While I am not against gays, I am against this bombardment of gayness!!! Just because I am not against it, doesn’t mean I want to see it every time I turn around either! You are living in a dream world if you think it’s okay for a (gay) student to meet his (gay) teacher in his apartment… Get REAL!! BTW… NO, I DON’T want to see this $hit!!


1) I’m sorry you feel as if Degrassi “bombards” you with gayness, despite the fact that in season 13 the gay characters on this show have been mostly support characters.  In other words, they haven’t had a chance to “push their gayness in your face” until this episode.

2) No rational person believes it’s okay for a (gay) student and (gay) teacher to hang out at the (gay)teacher’s apartment.  Heck, the fact that they’re gay is irrelevant, because it’s wrong either way.  And if the fact they’re gay is the only thing anyone can see in regards to this storyline, then you people aren’t paying attention.

What’s been Tristan’s story on this show since he first came along? He’s been a guy who wants love and attention.  And whenever he has a chance to get it he develops tunnel vision, blindly thinking with his heart and not his brain.   He can’t see that this relationship he’s about to get into with Yates is VERY inappropriate.  When Tristan is in this mode he is easily manipulated, and Yates is a master manipulator, preying on Tristan who feels alone because his parents are fighting and his friends are preoccupied with other things.  THE DANGER OF A KID BEING MANIPULATED BY AN ADULT (ESPECIALLY WHEN SAID KID IS EMOTIONALLY VULNERABLE) is what viewers should be paying attention to, not the sexuality of said characters involved.

3)Also note that while P is tired of seeing “gayness” at every turn on Degrassi, there was no mention in the complaint about the attractive lesbian couple that also has a storyline in this episode.

My explanation in point number 2 above is why I’m excited for Tristan/Yates. It’s wildly inappropriate, and Tristan doesn’t see it.  I kind of hope that this storyline goes so far tonight that I need a shower afterward…Yates is so slick, and sleazy.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I thought I missed something when it was revealed that Imogen and Jack haven’t gotten together yet! I’m sorry, I’m used to couples on TV shows getting together immediately after it’s revealed they like each other.  I’m not sure what to think of them yet, so hopefully the next two episodes will provide clarification.

I also don’t really have an opinion on Frankie and Chewy, I’m just hoping their simple C plot is decent filler.

Posted by Kary


  1. As I said in my thoughts on last week’s episode – my issue with this episode is not that the characters that it focuses on are gay, but rather that they are characters I could care less about. If it were Marco or Adam . . . I’d be excited probably . . . but I’m sick of Tristan, I’m bored with Imogen, and I can’t stand Jack. Jury’s still out on Chewy and Frankie – we just haven’t seen enough of them to get to know them very well yet.
    Right now . . . I’m just feeling “meh” about this episode . . . 8~/



    1. You probably feel the way about these characters that I did with Marco after about season 5, lol. Adam would’ve presented the most interesting scenario though. And for me it’s not about the fact it’s Tristan, it’s that his mentality is one I enjoy the show exposing because it’s something we’ve all fallen victim to: someone allowing their emotions to blind them to common sense.

      I’m not sure what to expect from Imogen and Jack, so it can go either way for me. Their plot as well as Chewy and Frankie’s could be interesting or they could very well put another “loss” in the idea that Degrassi should “be fair” and give everyone storylines.



  2. in the preview for next week with tristan at the teachers house, that looks like its going to be extremely awkward & nerve-wracking to watch, in a good way. i think it would be good for the show if tristan & the teacher actually did have consensual sex, and then we could see the aftermath of how tristan deals with that, i think hes a virgin, hes done it with a teacher, who’s older, how he feels emotionally about all of that, and what happens to their situation in the near future.

    it would be interesting because when paige had sex with the teachers assistant, they were closer in age, and she wasnt a virgin, and a ta/student relationship or hookup is not nearly as socially taboo.

    plus from the preview and how its gone so far, i dont really see how it would be believable if either tristan made a move or the teacher did, and the other person rejected them. we can see they obviously wanna have sex and are attracted to each other, tristan has to know if hes over at a teachers house its because theyre going to have sex. if they somehow avoid that and have one of them backout for whatever reason, i think it would be a missed opportunity for something kind of new & different, rather than just relying on the same thing where two people have mixed signals & its a misunderstanding. that cannot be whats going on here.



    1. I can’t honestly imagine Tristan bringing himself to have sex with Yates. He might want to, but an extremely neurotic and emotional virgin such as Tristan would not realistically be able to proceed with that without backing out…unless of course, Yates becomes aggressively persuasive. Which is definitely a possibility.



  3. OMG are some fans seriously shipping Tris & Yeats? It has nothing to do with them being gay it has to do with a teacher manipulating a very vulnerable 15/16 year old student. Its disturbing.. What if it was a 30 year old female teacher and a student of Tris age. Its not sexy nor romantic. He’s a sex offender.



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