Ricardo Hoyos returned and Spencer Macpherson made his first After Degrassi appearance.  Next week’s After Degrassi was taped yesterday, but will still air on Tuesday, July 1st at 9:30pm.  Lyle Lettau and Andre Kim will be the guests.

Posted by Kary


  1. i have a strong feeling hunter will be the new eli and i am definitely on board. I’m happy they included him, I believe his situation is really interesting since he seems quite introverted and mysterious whereas his two siblings are super confident and out there! It’ll be nice to see how hunter deals his situation outside of relm of doom. And I’d love to see more things about him specifically not just in connection to the campaign and his family!!



  2. Anyone else see degrassi using hunter as a potential school killer? Considering that there has been an increase amount in school shootings, I see this happening in degrassi again and considering his home life situation, I see him being a character where people would miss the signs of him being unstable.



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