Episode 1332 kicks off tonight at 9pm EST on TeenNick and MTV.  You Are Not Alone got this block off to a solid start, but I feel like tonight’s episode is one that can go either way.  The strongest contender to trend upward is the most important plot, Maya and Zig’s.  Her attempts to help her friend are only getting him into deeper trouble.  The kiss is one that’s superficial and clearly meant to keep Zig from meeting with Tiny and his friends.  The issue with Maya’s actions will never be motive here, it’s the consequences that will come down the road and bite everyone in the ass.  Both her and Zig are in over their heads, and I’m interested to see how it all plays out.

Winston and Frankie’s scenario is relatable, but I feel nothing toward them as a potential couple.  It might be exciting to see a couple of rookies in the spotlight for a while, but I’m hoping it leads to something more valuable in terms of their development (especially in Winston’s case…Frankie is being groomed as an eventual primary character, while Winston could easily disappear into oblivion after this season).

And finally Clare Edwards…yeah, she feels used.  Do you blame her? If you dump someone right after hooking up with them for the first time, it’s an impossible sell convincing them that you didn’t use them for sex (we know Drew didn’t and his reasons were valid, but still).  However, it looks like Clare’s bitterness might get out of hand as she literally interrogates Drew in tonight’s episode.

Or is she justified in demanding answers from Drew? Wouldn’t we all like to confront the people we feel have screwed us over? Will any of this even matter [spoiler]given what’s coming down the pipe later this season?[/spoiler]

I’m not sure if I’ll be home in time to watch the episode live, but my review for this episode and promos for next week’s episode will come tonight.

Posted by Kary

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  1. TBH Clare should be more mad at Eli not Drew… Clare is known to blow things out of proportion she never really listens she hears what she wants to hear. She doesn’t know how to read in between the lines and thats part of her insecurities. Im sure down the road Drew & Clare will finally date after NY & Eli. I have a feeling Eli & Lenore maybe dating at this point it would be over a month of the break up and Eli doesn’t know how to be alone for too long..



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